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Fergie Jenkins 2008 Upper Deck Premier – Premier Stitchings

Fergie Jenkins 2008 Upper Deck Premier – Premier Stitchings

I had seen this card once before on Ebay, and I lost that auction.

So when it came up again, I had to dig a little deeper(literally) to secure the victory.  And that is precisely what I did but I got this for my hard work:

Awesome, huh? 

Personally I don’t care that the patch is manufactured – I know that going in so I am ok with it. 

Numbered 10/50, love what Upper Deck did with this patch design, and the link to Wrigley Field and it’s wall of Ivy are what hooked me in!!!

An awesome addition to my Fergie Jenkins relic-card collection – YES!!!

Andre Dawson 1993 Fleer – Fruit Of The Loom

Andre Dawson 1993 Fleer – Fruit Of The Loom

A direct link can be made with this card and the 1993 Fleer base card of Andre Dawson.

In fact, the only difference between the two cards is that classic ‘Fruit of the Loom’ logo in the upper left-hand corner that was present on most of the underwear of my youth.

Gotta love the oddballs!!!

Paul Molitor 1989 Donruss

Paul Molitor 1989 Donruss

 I like this one.  The follow-through of Molitor’s bat gives me the impression that he connected solidly with the ball.  And that is what I have come to expect from one of the decade’s finest hitters.

And while the 1989 Donruss design is not going to win any awards for originality or artistry, the image is the centerpiece of the card, and with this issue, it gets the job done!!

A great compliment to my Paul Molitor player collection…