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Dale Murphy 1981 Topps

Dale Murphy 1981 Topps

It is so hard to believe that this card is close to 30 years old now.  Heck, that means that I am closing in on being a baseball fan for 30 years of my life…  WOW!!!

This 1981 Topps card really takes me back.  Back to my youth.  Back to watching the Braves on WTBS.  Back to when my enthusiasm for watching and playing baseball was unmeasurable.

When I look at this card, I am quickly reminded of the great fun I had watching Dale Murphy play.  And if I had to name the first player that I ever cheered for, it was him.  Murphy was able to do it all.  And while I didn’t know it back then, the fact that he was a catcher-turned-outfielder is even more impressive considering how good he became in the field.

Murphy had a quiet presence about him throughout his playing days.  But when at bat or roaming around in center field, he demanded that you pay attention.  And more often than not, he delivered incredible baseball.

1981 – Man this card takes me back!!!

A wonderful addition to my Dale Murphy player collection!!!

Happy Father’s Day!!!

Happy Father’s Day!!!

If you’re a dad or a son or a daughter, take some time today to sit back and relax.  If you’re able to spend a little more quality time with your dad today then let him know just how valued of a man he is in your life.

And if you get the chance, take in a ballgame with him too. 

Kind of like these guys did…

Happy Father’s Day!!!