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28 Balls!!!

28 Balls!!!

28 glorious signed baseballs are in my collection after securing Gary Carter, Rollie Fingers, and Rich ‘Goose’ Gossage all in the last month or so.

The wall is shaping up and looking very solid.  Yet I still find the desire to build, add-on if you will…  So that is what I will continue to do – build, build, build.

But in the meantime, here is how the ‘wall of balls’ looks today: 

And since I know that some of them are tough to make out due to the lighting, I will offer up this detailed list of what you are seeing:

Row 1 – Andre Dawson ’77 NL ROY’, Andre Dawson ’87 NL MVP’, Andre Dawson ‘HOF 2010’, Fergie Jenkins ‘HOF 91’, Billy Williams, Jim Palmer ‘1973,75,76 CY HOF 90’, Dave Winfield ‘HOF 2001’

Row 2 – Ron Santo, Tim Raines 30, Pete Rose ‘#4256’, Mark Grace, Dale Murphy ‘NL MVP 82, 83’, Tony Perez, Gary Carter ‘HOF 03’

Row 3 – Ryne Sandberg, Lee Smith #46 ‘478 Saves’, Jose Canseco #33 ’40/40 Club’, Bob Feller ‘HOF 62’, Doc Gooden ‘5-14-96 No Hitter’, Goose Gossage ‘HOF 2008’, Rollie Fingers ‘HOF 92’

Row 4 – Don Larsen ‘WSPG 10-8-56’, Jeff Conine, George Foster ‘NL MVP 1977’, Dan Uggla #6, Jim Abbott ‘9-14-93 No Hitter!’, Kirk Gibson, Cameron Maybin #24

And there you have it.  28 great balls.

I’d love to add another row to this collection by the end of the year – let’s see if I can get it done….  😉

Darryl Strawberry 1984 Donruss – Rookie Card!!!

Darryl Strawberry 1984 Donruss – Rookie Card!!!

While not the most appealing rookie card ever issued, a rookie card is a rookie card!  And of the three 1984 issues classified as rookie cards of Darryl Strawberry, I would rank them in this order – Topps, Fleer, and Donruss.

Straw had a fine year in 1984.  His first full year in the big leagues, Darryl collected 131 hits, 27 doubles, 26 home runs, 27 stolen bases, and 97 RBI.  Not too shabby for a 22-year old kid, huh???  And he also made his first All-star team in 1984 – his first of 8 straight.

A fine addition to my Darryl Strawberry collection!!!

Andre Dawson 1995 Score

Andre Dawson 1995 Score

This 1995 baseball card issued by Score can be used as a teaching aid for hitters.

Check this out:

  • head down
  • eyes on  the ball
  • shoulders back
  • even swing
  • follow through
  • balance

See what I mean??

Thanks for the batting tips ‘Hawk’!!!

Orel Hershiser 1987 Donruss – ‘Highlights’

Orel Hershiser 1987 Donruss – ‘Highlights’

I always enjoyed the Donruss ‘Highlights’ sets as a kid.  While their color choice for the borders of these cards may be questionable, there is no escaping the fact that this subset gave us a few more cards of the game’s best players to collect.

This specific card of Orel Hershiser pays tribute to him being named the National League pitcher of the month in June, 1987.  He went 5-1 in that month while throwing three complete games!

My Greg Maddux ‘Fab 5′ – Card #4

My Greg Maddux ‘Fab 5′ – Card #4

Now that my Greg Maddux player collection is complete I wanted to take the time to show off my favorite 5 cards from this set.

Card #4 – 1989 Bowman

This card literally stands out among my other Maddux cards.  The 1989 Bowman premier was just a bit taller than the ‘other’ card company issues in 1989 and 1990, making this one stand out while contained among my Greg Maddux collection.

But the image is what makes this bad-boy stand out even more in my opinion. 

Obviously taken at Wrigley, many of Maddux’s early issues were taken at his home stadium.  But in my opinion this picture captures that beautiful Ivy wall in the outfield the best.  And the photographer did a great job of capturing Maddux’s follow-through. 

The centering of the picture is near-perfect, and the sharpness of this photo is incredible!!