TTM Success: Hall of Famer, Mr. Duke Snider!!!

TTM Success:  Hall of Famer, Mr. Duke Snider!!!

This is a lesson in patience.  This is a reminder of a lesson that I was taught at a very early age – ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again’.  And you know what, that lesson has paid off again for me…

In the mail today, and 1 day after showing off my 28-piece signed baseball collection, #29 is now home safely.

Hall of Famer Duke Snider signed my baseball and returned if back to me in under two weeks!!!

I am thrilled to add this beauty to my collection, and I am even more thrilled that after my most recent failures with Snider that he is back to signing again through the mail.

Here is the ball:

Looks great, huh? 

And I am so excited to add this autographed baseball to my collection, that I don’t even care that he did not add a Hall of Fame inscription and that he apparently signed the ball in a marker-type pen.  The Blue ink looks great and reminds me of Dodger-Blue, heck Brooklyn Dodger-Blue for that matter!!

Thank you Mr. Snider – I will cherish this one!!

And thanks again ‘Q’ for the heads-up!!!


2 responses to “TTM Success: Hall of Famer, Mr. Duke Snider!!!

  1. I can’t thank you enough! I had my “letter” returned. It was simply a letter I had sent him after 46 years taking about the Great memories I had when he lived down the street from us and we became very close and he would take this 11 year old kid and my brother to a few San Francisco Giants game in his White T-Bird. I would stop by his home as I normally did and he would say, “Guy how is your hitting” and then say grab some bats and I will get the bucket of balls. We would drive down to Steven Millard School and he would throw BP to me!!

    These are only just a few unreal and wonderful memories of a player that was the nicest, kindness man man that would allow my entire family to take ALL his kids in a car to the Fremont Drive Inn in the watch the Beatles Movie! And when the Snider family moved he had promised me Jr. Gilliam glove, which I did not get because this 11 year kid was grounded by his pop for scaring my sister when she happen to be on the phone baby-sitting at the Snider home and kids!!

    The Duke was the real deal and treated us like a favorite great Uncle and not just another Professional Ball Player who was too busy to be brother by the neighbor kids!

    Someone may have return my letter to him thanking him, but his memories live on especially the times he would take my brother and I to the Giant games the last 1/2 season he played MLB and we would hang out in the locker room and walk on the field as we headed to our seats.

    Thank you for letting me know The Duke is recieving letters again. I will let you know the resilts when re-mail my letter to him. Now I just need to find it! As I am in my 19th month of recovering from a Hit and Run being hit by a car while my wife and I were walking on a side walk 1 block from our home. I should have died according to all the doctors I was seeing at Stanford, but I am one Lucky Guy and will find that letter and re-mail it to him, simply thanking him for my lifetime memories he left me…


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