Showing Off My Karl Malone Basketball Card Collection

Showing Off My Karl Malone Basketball Card Collection

When it comes to collecting, baseball was a focus of mine 95% of the time.  During that 5%, I spent quite a bit of energy collecting basketball cards.

But, I was not a set builder, or team collector.  Surprise, surprise, I was a player collector.

And my player of choice just happened to be my favorite NBA player – Mr. Karl Malone!!!

My love for basketball was born while living in Illinois.  And while 99.9% of the people in the state cheered and rooted for a certain team that won 6 championships in 8 years, I was the guy that didn’t conform.  Did I value the Bulls and what they did?  Of course.  Who wouldn’t?  But as a fan of the sport and a huge supporter of the fundamentals, I found myself a Utah Jazz fan.

My Karl Malone collection is large.  It is not catalogued the way that my Dawson one is, but I would guess that  I own 3,000 total cards with there probably being 800-900 different ones in that mix.  It didn’t take long to accumulate these as I found tons of willing trade partners.  While I bought packs and boxes like all kids did, everything I got was traded away except for my Malone and Stockton cards.

Here is my collection:

I made a quick re-entry into the hobby when I heard about ‘jersey’ cards from a friend.  I managed to grab a bunch of them right before I completely left the hobby some years ago:

 I have not purchased any basketball related cards in over 6 years now.  And while I have no intention of adding any more to my collection at this time, I have to wonder what new goodies may come out once Karl Malone’s Hall of Fame induction breeds new life into collectibles that feature him…

Time will tell!!!

6 responses to “Showing Off My Karl Malone Basketball Card Collection

  1. Nice collection! I was one of the 99.9% cheering for that certain team. Remember Scottie Pippen’s classic line during the ’97 Finals? “Remember, the mailman doesn’t deliver on Sunday, Karl.” And Malone missed two free throws that could have given the Jazz game 1.

  2. Wow, nice collection.

  3. nice, i also love the mailman, although i live in ny
    i have nearly 1500 karl malone cards without copies, 3000 including copies. maybe we can help each other out if you dont have some and i dont we can swap?

  4. Very nice collection indeed. Awesome cards.
    I live in Belgium and its rather hard to get a hand on those Malone cards, is it possible to buy some of your doubles to start up my own Mailman collection ?
    Grtz Kenny

  5. Hi, awesome collection. The Mailman was also my favourit player. I’m Rob from Germany and got also a high interest in Malone cards. My collection got now about 1700 different cards and nearly 280 of those are Game used cards with Jersey or Gameball on it. I share Kenny’s opinion that it’s hard to get Malone cards. Would be great to get in contact with all you Malone collectors to help each other with trades. Cheers Rob

  6. Does anyone have 1997 Upper Deck Holojams #9 Karl Malone?

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