You’re Not Going To Believe What I Won!!!

You’re Not Going To Believe What I Won!!!

I listen to sports radio pretty much throughout the day.  If I am in the car or at work(with my IPhone), the radio is on.  And while South Florida has 3 or 4 options for sports radio entertainment, my choice is 790 – The Ticket.

The channel is full of fun hosts, and while they take sports seriously, they don’t overwhelm the airwaves with sports content every second of the day.  Instead they take a more light-hearted approach and add in pop culture, world news, and comedy to help the day flow.

Anyways, last week I got an email from the stations producer telling me that I had won a contest.  A few weeks prior I signed up for their email newsletter giving me access to contests and well as keeping me updated on their interview schedule.  Well, my email address was pulled and I won!!!

I made arrangements to pick up my prize. 

And here it is:

A Bose Portable Sounddock system. 

This thing is very sweet and appears to be a very top-of-the-line product!!  And while I love music, I don’t have and have never felt the need to own an IPod or MP3 player.  In fact, I have now had my IPhone for close to two months and I have yet to load a single song onto it.

So while I am thrilled to have won this incredible gift, I am leaning towards not keeping it for myself.  My wife had first dibs and she passed.  And with that out of the way, I think I am going to Ebay with it!!!

I’ll keep you updated.  I am thinking that it would be kind of fun to see what I can turn this Bose system into….  Maybe some baseball-related memorabilia or cards…  We’ll see….

Stay tuned.

5 responses to “You’re Not Going To Believe What I Won!!!

  1. very, cool. Congrats!

  2. Give it away on the blog…lmao

  3. Way to go Brian! Congrats!

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