Today Is ‘Billy Williams Day’!!!!

On June 29, 1969, the Chicago Cubs held ‘Billy Williams Day’ at Wrigley Field. 

While an event of this caliber is usually reserved for a player in his final year or final home stand as a member of the home team, I guess that the Cubs organization thought so much of Mr. Williams that they chose this day to honor him.

So, 41 years later I will carry on this tradition.  Today, I will celebrate the main player that brought me back to the hobby of collecting baseball cards – ‘Sweet Swinging Billy Williams’!! 

The below pin was handed out to all in attendance at Wrigley back on June 29, 1969. 

3 responses to “Today Is ‘Billy Williams Day’!!!!

  1. Billy W8illiams deserved his day so much.

    I am trying to recall the day. Didn’t the Cubs play a double header? And didn’t Billy have a super day at bat with about 8 hits, etc.

    The final time Billy batted he struck out. Wrigley Field stood up and cheered Billy Williams.

    What day!

  2. Yes, it was a double header against arch-rival Cardinals; he tied and surpassed Cardinal Stan Musial for the National League consecutive games record at the time (895 and 896); had 5 hits; batted the cycle thru both games; Cubs take the opener, 3-1; then blast them 12-1 in the 2nd game. A day I will never forget, sitting behind him and with the Bleacher Bums in left field.

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