Contest Winner – Brian McCann & ?????

Contest Winner – Brian McCann & ?????

Well, as you may know by now, nobody selected Brian McCann as their choice for the All-star game MVP.

So, what I can do is divide the 36 packs from the box into the 23 contest participants and mail each of you 11 cards, or I can hold another contest.  🙂

My plan is to run one of my ‘MVP For A Day’ contests within the next two weeks.  The prize will be the same, and this time there will be a guaranteed winner.  I need to review the MLB schedule to pick a day, but please come back and visit often as I should be able to get this new contest up and running fairly quickly.

Congratulations to Brian McCann!!!

4 responses to “Contest Winner – Brian McCann & ?????

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  2. mccann is the man! wow that’s a lot of shipping if you sent out a pack to each person. i’d vote to just hold another contest.

  3. Same here, my vote is for another contest, thanks!

  4. I’m just happy that the NL won. I was kinda hoping Marlon Byrd would get it (yea, I’m a Cubs fan). That play to nail Ortiz at second in the 9th was brilliant. That was the dagger in the AL’s hopes of coming back. And Byrd started that 7th inning extravaganza by drawing a walk with two outs.

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