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Tony Perez 2008 SP Legendary Cuts ‘Legendary Materials’ Game-Used Jersey Card

Tony Perez 2008 SP Legendary Cuts ‘Legendary Materials’ Game-Used Jersey Card

Now this one here is a great looking card!!

The sharp picture of Perez wearing his Cincinnati Reds uniform is highlighted by great Silver lettering along with a nice washed-out/blurred effect in the background.  The way the Upper Deck worked with the different elements of this card’s graphics really makes the image of Perez come to life.

Serial numbered 44/75, and featuring a large, White swatch of jersey, this card is a great addition to my Tony Perez collection!!

I scored four cards from this series on a recent Ebay spree.  Stay tuned as I will show off another one in the coming weeks.


Orel Hershiser 1989 Fleer – MVPs

Orel Hershiser 1989 Fleer – MVPs

You better believe that Orel Hershiser was an MVP.  After coming off of one of the most successful pitching seasons from Opening Day through the World Series, Orel Hershiser was riding high in 1989.

Everyone knew that Hershiser was immensely talented prior to his dominating season in 1988.  But the country took notice as he led his Dodgers team through the playoffs and to the final prize of the World Series championship.

And even more so, the baseball card companies took notice of Hershiser’s value too.  Orel had more cards issued in 1989, when he was a true gem in the hobby, than any other year prior.  Between base cards, limited edition cards, subset cards, and even oddballs – everyone wanted a piece of the World Series hero.

This card was issued by Fleer in 1989.  The set, called ‘MVPs’ took one player from each team and celebrated them.  For Fleer, it was a ‘no-brainer’ to use Orel as the Dodgers’ MVP!!!

Happy Anniversary Reggie Jackson!!!

Happy Anniversary Reggie Jackson!!!

On this day in 1993, Reggie Jackson was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

A colorful player both on and off the field, I am fairly certain that Reggie’s speech was a classic.  If only there was YouTube back in 1993…

A member of the ‘500 HR Club’, a league MVP, a 5-time World Series champion, and a Hall of Famer, it does not get much better than Reginald Martinez Jackson!!!

Happy Anniversary to Mr. October!

Contest Winner – Mark Mosley & David Wright!!!!

Congratulations goes out to Mark Mosley who correctly predicted that David Wright would be the most valuable player from Saturday’s action.

With stats that included 2 hits, 3 RBI, and a walk, David Wright won the contest with 43 total points!!!

Here is a look at the final standings:

Player MVP Points Scored
Mark Mosley David Wright 43
Jon  Miguel Cabrera 41
**30-YOC** Dan Uggla 34
Gerad Albert Pujols 33
Eric Lundy Billy Butler 28
Charley Beatley Carl Crawford 23
Cam  Michael Bourn 21
Kevin B Joe Mauer 20
Sean Jayson Werth 16
Brian Ryan Braun 3
Q Evan Longoria 3
Smedindy Troy Tulowitzki 3
Hackenbush Aramis Ramirez 0
Matt Josh Hamilton 0
Steve D Ryan Howard 0
Nery James Loney 0
Tai Alex Rodriguez -2
Eli Adam Dunn -2
Sewingmachineguy Joey Votto -5
Jon  Hunter Pence -5


Congrats again Mark.  Your box of 1990 Upper Deck baseball cards will be mailed out to you on Monday.