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Dale Murphy 2005 Upper Deck ‘Lasting Legends’ Game-Used Jersey Card

Dale Murphy 2005 Upper Deck ‘Lasting Legends’ Game-Used Jersey Card

This relic card may be one of my favorites!!!

Here is the card:

Now, let me break it down for you:

  1. Any card featuring Dale Murphy in an action pose gets praised at ’30-YOC’
  2. The Beige marbled background gives the card a vintage feel and allows for the other color elements to pop
  3. Bronze lettering looks great on the Beige background
  4. The old-school script is a winner
  5. The Light Blue jersey  relic takes me right back to Murphy’s MVP winning seasons of the 1980’s

This card is the perfect addition to my Dale Murphy collection!!!

Frank Robinson 1973 Topps

Frank Robinson 1973 Topps

I like how Topps threw us a curve-ball with this card by laying the card out horizontally when most of this set was vertical.

1973 was Frank Robinson’s first year with the California Angels.  But since Topps had no pictures of the Hall of Famer in an Angels uniform, they substituted the image with one from his season with the Dodgers.  Yes, Frank Robinson played 1 season with the Dodgers – 1972.

’73 was a pretty solid year for the slugger – He crushed 29 doubles and 30 home runs.  He also knocked in 97 runs while scoring 85 times.  Robinson had a .489 slugging percentage that year, and his efforts landed him in 15th place for the AL MVP award.

Great card!!!

Andre Dawson 1996 Fleer Ultra ‘Gold Medallion’ Edition

Andre Dawson 1996 Fleer Ultra ‘Gold Medallion’ Edition

I already had the base version of this card in my collection, so adding the ‘Gold Medallion’ version was an obvious move to make.

And let me tell you, the scan of this card does not do the Gold justice.  This card is Bright, Bright, Bright!!!

Paul Molitor 1980 Topps

Paul Molitor 1990 Donruss “Baseball’s Best”

Now this is a great looking baseball card!!!

While the 1980 set was not my favorite, or even in my tope 5 issues of the decade, every once in a while I find a card that stands out for me.  And this card of Paul Molitor is one of them!!!

A full photo will win me over 99% of the time.  If it is an action shot or a pose that I recall fondly from when I watched these guys play during their primes, it is a card that will be considered strongly for my ‘Fab 5′ series as well.

The Purple and Yellow colored banners that Topps employed for this card are fair, and I would think that a Brewers’ combo of Blue and Yellow would look better, but the effect that the Yellow has on the card makes the Yellow accents of Molitor’s uniform stand out.  And speaking of Molitor’s uniform, I am a sucker for those old Brewers jerseys, helmets, and logos.  Just check out that batting helmet – Priceless!!

Molitor had another fine year in 1980 – he made the All-star team for the first time, which would be his first of seven appearances with the American League squad.

Another great addition to my Paul Molitor collection – YES!!!