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My Haul From Cooperstown Has Arrived!!!

My Haul From Cooperstown Has Arrived!!!

I’m not positive that you can call my purchases from the Baseball Hall of Fame a ‘Haul’, but I did do a little shopping with them after Andre Dawson’s induction a few weeks ago.

I have to say that I was pretty disappointed in what they were offering up to commemorate ‘The Hawk’.  If my memory serves correctly, they offered up an enormous amount of goodies for Rickey Henderson’s induction in 2009, and I was hoping that they’d follow suit in 2010 for Dawson.  But after a few days of watching their online store, I called and was told that what was online was all that they were going to be offering this year.

So I shopped.  And here is what I picked up:

My purchase consisted of three different items:

  1. Montreal Expos player t-shirt
  2. 2010 Commemorative pin
  3. Hall Of Fame plaque postcards

I have a bunch of these t-shirts, including 1 of Andre’s from is days in Chicago.  I was very excited to see that they brought back the old Expos shirt for Andre.  I just wish that they brought back more…

The pin is far from stellar, and of the three that they were offering up for the 2010 class, this is the only one that was specifically for Andre.  Sorry for the bad pic…

I love the Hall of Fame postcards, so I bought a nice stack of them.  At just fifty cents a piece, they are a nice looking collectible, and I think it is safe to say that I will be sending 1 Andre’s way in the very near future.

And there you have it – my haul from Cooperstown.  I put quite a bit more money away for this event than what I actually spent.  And while I am thrilled to get that Expos t-shirt and the HOF postcards, I was also hoping to nab that ‘WOW’ item.  I guess I will have to keep my eyes peeled in case other items get issued in the coming months.


Tony Perez 1987 Fleer

Tony Perez 1987 Fleer

Since I don’t have the luxury of starting my Tony Perez collection with his first card, I’ll start with his final issue.

This card comes from the 1987 Fleer set and it was the last major brand release from Perez’s playing days.  His last season as a player was 1986, but Fleer decided to keep him in their set for 1 more year.

Not a great card, but it gets my tribute to Tony Perez and his Hall of Fame career off the ground!!!

Josh Johnson 2006 Topps – Rookie Card!!

Josh Johnson 2006 Topps – Rookie Card!!

As soon as I declared myself a Josh Johnson collector, I knew that I wanted to nab a rookie card or two.

And I was shocked to see how low the prices were on them.  So I grabbed a bunch of them.

The first one was the 2006 Topps card.

Here it is:

This is the first card I have from this set – and it may be the last!!!

With its Miami Dolphins color scheme, this card looks more like a football card than a baseball one.

Still, I am happy to add my first Josh Johnson card to my collection and I am ready to move on to the next one…

1987 Topps Record Breakers – Card #4 – Dave Lopes

1987 Topps Record Breakers – Card #4 – Dave Lopes

Headline – ’40-Year Old Lopes Steals Bases At A Record Pace’

The Story – Houston, TX, October 5, 1986:  Astros’ Dave Lopes has achieved 25 stolen bases in 1986, a major league mark for age 40.  The former record was the 23 swipes compiled by Pirates’ Hall of Famer Honus Wagner in 1914.  Lopes turned 40 on May 3, 1986.

My take – A truly remarkable feat!  And of course the first place I went when reading the back of this card was Rickey Henderson.  Rickey eclipsed the 25-steals mark 3 times after his 40th birthday.  He stole 37 at 40, 36 at 41, and 25 at 42.  As I have stated more than once on this blog, Rickey is truly 1 of a kind!!!