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Sending A Postcard To Andre Dawson!!!

Sending A Postcard To Andre Dawson!!!

Not just any postcard, this is a very special one.  And I am sending him a few of them – but I want to get one back in return signed by ‘The Hawk’.

To say that I have been waiting to see Andre’s Hall of Fame plaque for a long time is an understatement.  Being a fan of his for more than 20 years of my life, I have always wondered what the content of the plaque would say.  And as the days leading up to his induction at Cooperstown were upon us, I worked hard to get a sneak peek at the plaque prior to it being unveiled.  I have to commend the Hall of Fame on their security – they do a great job in keeping these closed down until the induction has occurred.

Anyway, off it goes.  I am sure that Andre is getting a ton of extra fan mail these days so I expect that this one will take longer.  I’ll be patient as the return will end up being one of the many Dawson-related gems of my collection that honors him!!!

Wish me luck!!!

Wade Boggs 1990 Score ‘Dream Team’

Wade Boggs 1990 Score ‘Dream Team’

A nice change from the artsy Diamond Kings series issue by Donruss, I was a big fan of the ‘Dream Team’ cards issued by Score.

This one, from the 1990 set, features a nice portrait of Wade Boggs who at the time was the heart and soul of the Boston Red Sox offense.

Boggs’ primary skill as an offense player was contact hitting.  He didn’t hit for much power and he was hardly a threat on the bases, but at the plate, he was a master.  With a short and compact left-handed stroke, Boggs delivered hit after hit for the Red Sox as he annually led the team, and oftentimes the American League in hitting during the prime years of his career.

If I had a Dream Team in 1990, Wade Boggs would have been on it.

Great job by Score!!!

Ryan Braun 2010 Bowman – Base & Gold!!!

Ryan Braun 2010 Bowman – Base & Gold!!!

Of all of the cards that I have seen issued in 2010, I would have to say that the Bowman issue is my favorite.

I am a sucker for a Black bordered baseball card, and even the Gold ones from this set look phenomenal.

What the strong, yet bland, border does is let the card’s picture pop.  And with great clarity and perfect color, the pictures of Ryan Braun on these two Bowman cards look excellent!!