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Haul #12 From “The Andre Dawson Firesale”

Haul #12 From “The Andre Dawson Firesale”

Week 12 of the Andre Dawson Firesale started just hours after Dawson’s induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame.  And with interest at an all-time high, the shoppers were out.  And they weren’t very kind to me.

I probably bid on 12-15 different auctions, but I walked away with just 2 wins.  Yep, just 2.

Still, on a day like that I am happy to get just one.  And even though I lost out on what would have been quite a few great additions to my Andre Dawson collection, I did come away with 2 great finds.

Here they are:

2005 Fleer Showcase – A brilliant looking baseball card with sharp color and a great high-gloss finish.

1995 Topps ‘Ring Leaders’ – I don’t know what the design of this card can be called.  The colors are vibrant, and the design is loud.  I count 4 rings in the card’s graphic elements, and the ‘Hawk’ over Andre’s shoulder is pretty neat too…

There you have it – 2 great additions to my collection that honors ‘The Hawk’.

I am ready for the next round!!!

Ernie Banks 2008 Upper Deck Heroes – Charcoal– Game Used Jersey Card

Ernie Banks 2008 Upper Deck Heroes – Charcoal– Game Used Jersey Card

Once again, I interrupt my adventures of collecting ‘The Ernie Banks Rainbow’ to bring you this special card.

From the same 2008 Upper Deck Heroes set, this card is the Charcoal parallel and it features a piece of Game-Used jersey from Banks’ playing days with the Cubs.

As for the jersey, the color is very close to that of the Charcoal border.  Made from wool, I have to imagine that the heavy material kept Mr. Banks comfortable while at Wrigley Field and dealing with the crazy weather that Chicago offers!!

A truly great bonus to my ‘Ernie Banks Raonbow’!!!

2006 Fleer ‘Greats of the Game’ – REDS – Barry Larkin

2006 Fleer ‘Greats of the Game’ – REDS – Barry Larkin

Known around the baseball world as one of the classiest players from his rookie year through retirement, Barry Larkin should also be remembered as one hell of a ball player!!

Larkin was the anchor of the Cincinnati Reds offense and defense for 19 amazing seasons.  His solid play and leadership helped lead the team to several winning seasons and eventually to a World Series title.  Individually, Larkin put up some amazing numbers and he was rewarded for his successes often.

With a career batting average of .295, along with 2,340 hits, Larkin often found himself as the catalyst for the Reds’ offense.  Couple that with his 379 stolen bases and 1,329 runs scored and you begin to see how dynamic Larkin was on the base paths.  Never known for his power at the plate, Barry Larkin bashed 198 home runs in his career and also drove in 960 RBI. 

With 3 consecutive Gold Glove winning years at short-stop from 1994-96, Larkin developed his game into a well-rounded one.  A winner of 9 Silver Slugger trophies and a 12-time All-Star, Larkin’s all-around abilities were often recognized as some of the greatest in the sport.

Barry Larkin won the MVP award in 1995.  His amazing season was capped off by a .319 batting average.  In addition to his solid hitting, Larkin stole 51 bases and scored 98 runs that year.  He also won the Silver Slugger award and a Gold Glove while also making the All-star team.

Larkin’s greatest team success came in 1990 when his Reds swept the mighty Oakland A’s in the World Series.  In the 4-game match-up, Larkin hit .353 as he collected 6 hits in 17 at-bats while also scoring 3 runs for the Reds en route to their World Series championship. 

Orel Hershiser 1990 Donruss – Baseball’s Best

Orel Hershiser 1990 Donruss – Baseball’s Best

Another card from the ‘Baseball’s Best’ series by Donruss has been added to my collection.  This time, it is from the 1990 set, and it features Dodgers’ hurler Orel Hershiser.

For me and my personal tastes, there is just way too much Blue happening on this baseball card.  I’m good with the border color.  And I am good with the Dodgers uniform the Hershiser is sporting.  But the background behind Orel is just an overkill of the color Blue!!

Had Donruss used a different photo that showed a different outfield wall, my opinion may be changed, but when 60% of the card is pumped full of just 1 color, it is not appealing or enjoyable to look at…

Take a look: 

I told you!!!