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Stuck On Dawson!!!

Stuck On Dawson!!!

Yes, I am stuck on Andre Dawson.  And now I have the stickers to prove it!!!

As if picking up as many Andre Dawson cards wasn’t enough, I have also been hoarding some stickers that were issued during the early parts of his career.

Here are 20 of my more recent additions:

Gary Carter 1983 Donruss

Gary Carter 1983 Donruss

10 years into his big league career, Gary Carter was really solidifying himself  as the game’s best catcher.  And doing that from a town north of the border was not an easy feat.

But, again in 1983, Carter had an All-star season.

The numbers – 146 hits, .270 batting average, 37 doubles, 17 home runs, 63 runs scored, 79 RBI, and his fifth straight All-star selection for the National League!!!

Gotta love the Powder-Blue.  And that hair too!!!

Did You Know…

Mel Ott led the New York Giants in home runs for 18 consecutive seasons from 1928-1945.  During this span, Ott’s lowest total was 18 in both 1928 and 1943 and his best year was 1929 when he hit 42 homers.  In 1936 Ott hit 33 homers and the next highest on the team was only 9.

**factoid courtesy of ‘Big League Trivia’

My take – Quite a run.  I wonder what the longest streak of the modern-era is…

Happy Anniversary Willie Mays!!!

On this day in 1973, Willie Mays hit the final home run of his career – #660!!

At Shea Stadium, in front of a crowd of more than 36,000 fans, the New York Mets hosted the Cincinnati Reds.  And in the bottom of the 4th inning, Willie Mays connected for the final home run of his amazing Hall of Fame career.  It was a solo shot off of Reds’ pitcher Don Gullett.  The Mets went on to lose the game 2-1.

Willie Mays had an amazing baseball career.  As one of the game’s most well-rounded players of all-time, smashing home run #660 was just another in the very long list of amazing accomplishments by the ‘Say Hey Kid’!!!

Happy Birthday Jorge Posada!!!

Unquestionably my favorite player on the current Yankees team, Jorge Posada turns 39 years old today.

I have always had a lot of respect for catchers.  I feel that their role is the most critical one on the team due to their handling of the entire pitching staff.  A good, strong catcher is able to communicate well, be a team leader, and must be trusted by each and every member of the pitching staff.  Jorge Posada is the perfect example of this.

Posada has led the New York Yankees to 5 championship titles during his reign as their #1 catcher.  What is most impressive about this run of excellence is that the Yankees change players, and specifically pitchers, quite often.  Posada has the skills as a leader to be able to handle new pitchers added to the team while still keeping them as competitive and dominant as they need to be without skipping a beat.

For his birthday, I would like to give Jorge 1 more chance at a World Series title.  6 is better than 5, and I think that it would be fun to watch Jorge lead the current Yankees staff through another shot at a title.  Something tells me that he would make the most of an opportunity like this!!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Posada!!!