Happy Anniversary Mark McGwire!!!

Happy Anniversary Mark McGwire!!!

On this day in 1998, Mark McGwire became the first player in major league history to reach or surpass the 50-Home Run mark in three consecutive baseball seasons.

With strong numbers, ‘Big Mac’ solidified himself as one of the greatest sluggers in the game’s incredible history of power hitters.

The numbers:

1996 – 52; 1997 – 58; 1998 – 70.  And just for good measure, McGwire connected for 65 homers in 1999 extending the baseball record to 4 straight years.

Happy Anniversary ‘Big Mac’!!!

One response to “Happy Anniversary Mark McGwire!!!

  1. *And he still won’t get into the HOF. A lot of folks here in St. Louis are forgiving and still admire him… I’m not one of those folks. I think he’s diminishing the Cardinals reputation, thanks to Tony Larusa a proud supporter of steroid use. Big Mac cheated which allowed him to break Roger Maris’s record which subsequently ‘shattered a piece of the proud past’. In no way, shape, or form should he be wearing a STL uniform these days. I don’t see Barry sitting in SF’s doug out & sure as hell don’t see Clemens coaching in NY’s dougout. “Happy Anniversary….” is it?

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