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Having Fun With Dave Winfield’s Rookie Card!!!

Having Fun With Dave Winfield’s Rookie Card!!!

I left the hobby of collecting baseball cards during my teens.  And after purging more than 99% of the stuff I owned, I kept 1 small box that held roughly 60 cards.  I moved that box from house to house and from state to state.

So, a little more than two years ago when I decided to re-connect with the hobby that I loved as a kid, the first place that I went was to that familiar box.  Still in tact, and still holding roughly 60 cards, my 1974 Topps Dave Winfield rookie card was waiting for me.

I probably picked up this card at a baseball card show in either South Florida or Chicago.  Either way, I remember being thrilled to have a card ‘that old’ in my collection as s kid.  And now, close to twenty years later, those feelings still hold up.

Here is my Dave Winfield rookie card:

And just the other week, I got a package in the mail from Alfredo that contained a very generous stack of cards featuring the players that I loved as a kid and collect today as an adult.  And wouldn’t you know it, there were two modern versions of that same Dave Winfield rookie card included.

The first one comes from the 2010 Topps subset tagged as ‘Cards Your Mom Threw Out’.  A greatly named set, I have a feeling that the creative name of this set hits home with quite a few collectors in my age bracket.

Here is that card:

Very similar in look and feel, the only noticeable differences between this one and the original version from 1974 is the quality of the cardboard, shine of the glossy finish, and stark whiteness of the border color.

The other card that Alfredo offered up to me comes from the Topps Archives set issued in 2001.  Again it features the same design of the original rookie card, but with a major change.  I guess that this is what the modern collector calls a ‘Refractor’ or something close to it.  I have a few Dawson cards like these, but this is my first one of any other player.

Check it out:

I think what I like most about card companies putting cards like this out way after the original release is that it allows us a moment to travel back to our youth and recall memories of watching these guys play while we collected their cards. 

For me, when I go to a card show and am sifting through a box of modern-issue cards, I can get bored pretty quickly.  But then cards like the above Winfields show up to brighten my day!

Thanks again Alfredo – you have taken me back to my youth again!!!

Gary Carter 1985 Fleer

Gary Carter 1985 Fleer

Oh yeah, it is one of my favorite color-coordinated sets from the 1980’s – 1985 Fleer!!!

And just look at how many Expos logos Fleer managed to squeeze into the shot – not one, not two, but three!!  If I had to guess, I would think that the photo editor at Fleer in 1985 may have had Canadian heritage.  What do you think, eh??

While pictured in an Expos uniform on this card, Carter didn’t play for the Expos in 1985; it was actually his first year in New York with the Mets.  And he handled that transition without skipping a beat.  During his debut season in ‘The Big Apple’, Carter hit .281 while connecting for 32 home runs and 100 RBI. 

I would have to think that Mets fans agreed that he was a huge upgrade over their catcher from the ’84 season, Mike Fitzgerald.

Did You Know…

Gaylord Perry is the only pitcher since in 1918 to post an ERA under 2.00 and lose at least 16 games.  Perry won the American League Cy Young Award for the Cleveland Indians in 1972 with a 24-16 record, which included a 1.92 ERA, 234 strikeouts, and 29 complete games.

**factoid courtesy of ‘Big League Trivia’

My take – This goes to show you that no matter how solid of a pitcher you are, your team’s ability to score runs is a huge dictator as to how successful you become.  Florida Marlins, are you listening????

Happy Anniversary Joe Morgan!!!

On this day in 1978, Joe Morgan of the Cincinnati Reds hit the 200th home run of his incredible baseball career.

And while the 200-HR plateau had been accomplished by hundreds of players prior to Morgan, he was the first to accomplish that feat with 500 stolen bases to his credit as well. 

Displaying an all-around offensive arsenal, Morgan was a rare player that could beat his opposition with his speed and ability to hit for power and average.

Only three players have accomplished the same feat since – Rickey Henderson, Paul Molitor, and Barry Bonds.  But Morgan was the first, and he set the trend!!

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to Joe Morgan!!!

BREAKING NEWS: Albert Pujols Crushes Home Run #400 Of His Career!!!

BREAKING NEWS:  Albert Pujols Crushes Home Run #400 Of His Career!!!

During tonight’s game between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Washington Nationals, Albert Pujols connected his for 34th home run of the 2010 baseball season, and the 400th of his amazing career.

In the top of the fourth inning, Pujols blasted a Jordan Zimmerman offering into the outfield seats and baseball history was made.

At 30 years and 222 days old, Pujols becomes the third youngest player to reach the 400-home run mark.  The two players to accomplish the feat at a younger age are Alex Rodriguez and Ken Griffey Jr.

Congratulations to Albert Pujols!!!