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Does Dan Uggla Have What It Takes To Be ‘Elite’???

Does Dan Uggla Have What It Takes To Be ‘Elite’???

For me, answer is a resounding ‘Yes’.  But I am biased.  The Florida Marlins are my team, and I get to watch Uggla play in 140+ games a year.  For the average to above average baseball fan, the first thing that they recall when thinking of Dan Uggla is his error filled All-Star game appearance from a few years back.  Sadly that may be all that they know of him…

But let me tell you something – There is nobody, and I mean NOBODY, that plays second base in the National League that can do what Uggla is and has been doing for the last few seasons.  And if it weren’t for the magnificent season that Robinson Cano is having with the Yankees, I would argue the fact that Uggla is having the best season of any second baseman in the league.

Riding a career high batting average this year, Uggla has been steadily around the .280 mark for most of the season.  And even with his usual slow start, he was ripping the ball early and often and is still doing so today more than 120 games through the 2010 season. 

To date, Uggla has spent most of his time in the 4 and 5 spot in the Marlins’ lineup.  He currently ranks in the Top 10 in home runs, runs scored, and RBI.  He is on pace for another 30+ home run season(his fourth in a row) and he has already amassed more homers than any other 2B has in the first 5 years of their career.

We all know what is holding back Uggla from gaining more respect and fan admiration league-wide.  He plays for an average team in a terrible baseball market.  He lacks the on-field charisma that most of the game’s superstars have and he is not a physically imposing player.  In fact, he looks more like a MMA athlete than a baseball player.

But the fact remains, he continues to get the job done year in and year out for the Marlins.  By the end of this season, Uggla will have averaged 30 homers and 90 RBI over the first five years of his career.  No other second baseman in the history of the sport can make that claim.

It’s time that the Marlins acknowledge his value to the team.  Get this guy signed to a multi-year deal now, please!!  The only pinstripes I want to see him wearing are Teal & Black!!!

Fergie Jenkins 2003 Fleer ‘Cut Of History’ Game-Used Jersey Card

Fergie Jenkins 2003 Fleer ‘Cut Of History’ Game-Used Jersey Card

Hey, another Fergie Jenkins memorabilia card for the collection – YES!!!

This one comes from the 2003 Fleer ‘Cut Of History’ set.  Featuring a large, White piece of jersey worn during his days with the Cubs, this card is very basic in design.  With four very bland Grey squares that cover 75% of the card’s surface, the design reminds me of a kindergarten project.  I am very surprised that the creative people who it employed let this set go out to the public.

Take a peek:

While I am still thrilled to add another Game-Used jersey card of Fergie Jenkins to my collection, I have to say that a Cubs’ pinstripe couldn’t even rescue this one….

Tim Raines 1981 Donruss – Rookie Card

Tim Raines 1981 Donruss – Rookie Card

Man I have some great memories of this card!!!

A fun story – Back when I was probably between 8-10 years old, the first ever Sports Authority opened up within 15 minutes of where we lived in Ft. Lauderdale.  For those of you not familiar with that store, think Home Depot for sporting goods…  A part of their week-long ‘Grand Opening’ celebration the store had autograph line-ups each night to bring people by and get people excited.  My dad showed me the roster of events, and who did I pick?  Yep, Tim Raines!!  You see, even back as a youngster I valued him and what he did for the Montreal Expos team.  So that night, we stood patiently in line and ended up getting 2 cards signed by ‘Rock’ himself.  I still have that 1987 signed Fleer card in my collection today and I have to think that this may have been what hooked me on autograph collecting!!!

The other card that I got signed was a 1981 Donruss rookie card.  I don’t have it any longer, but I have now added that card(not signed) to my Tim Raines collection that honors one of my favorite players from my youth!!!

Josh Johnson 2009 Topps Heritage

Josh Johnson 2009 Topps Heritage

I like these old school designs featuring today’s players.  And while I would rather have the originals in my collection, if I can scoop up a few of these cards today that feature the guys I enjoy watching today, then that is what I will do.

Actually, that is what I did!!

I picked up this card of JJ recently and it got me to thinking…  Thinking about how JJ would have fared against the competition back then.  Would he be near the top of the pitching ranks?  Would his stuff dominate hitters like it does today?  Would he contend for the Cy Young award?  How would JJ do on a mound that was higher off of the ground??

Yep, I got all of that from this little piece of cardboard: