Marveling At The Greatness Of Craig Biggio…

Marveling At The Greatness Of Craig Biggio…

I don’t know why, but I found myself on the Craig Biggio page of and I was quickly put in awe of his incredible stats.  I never saw him play that much, and I have no real feelings for the Astros, but I cannot stop thinking about how solid of a big league ballplayer Biggio was.  I wonder how many others missed it along with me…

I am scrapping my original plans for a post tonight, so I can give you some Biggio. 

Ok, starting off with the obvious, Biggio played twenty years for the same team – he gets credit just for doing that as he played in the wildest free agency era in baseball so far.

Now, on to the numbers:  Biggio tallied 3,060 hits, scored 1,844 runs, hit 668 doubles, crushed 201 home runs, stole 414 bases, has a lifetime batting average of .281, drove in 1,175 runs, and amassed an on-base percentage of .363.

Very impressive!  And while Biggio didn’t bring home any MVP trophies, he did win 4 Gold Gloves and 5 Silver Slugger trophies while also making the All-Star team 7 times.

But, here is what impressed me more.  It’s how high he ranks in certain statistical categories.  He is comparable to some of the game’s greatest players, so in a way I guess that confirms that he too should be spoken of when discussing that group.

Check this out:

  • 15th in games played – ahead of Reggie Jackson, Frank Robinson, and George Brett
  • 12th in at-bats – ahead of Brooks Robinson, Paul Molitor, and Lou Brock
  • 13th in runs scored – ahead of Ted Williams, Carl Yastrzemski, and Mickey Mantle
  • 20th in hits – ahead of Rod Carew, Wade Boggs, and Roberto Clemente
  • 2nd in hit-by-pitch

Biggio has surpassed some of the sport’s most talented offensive players in some major categories. 

I just wish that I paid a little more attention to it while it was happening – he deserved that!!!

4 responses to “Marveling At The Greatness Of Craig Biggio…

  1. I am not a Craig Biggio hater but (I think him and a lot of Astro players get a pass on the Steriods era).
    If you look at who was on that team in the early 1990s Biggio, Finley, Gonzalez and Bagwell -they all saw their stats shoot up around the same time that ex-teammate Ken Caminiti left (maybe he left them something) the team in 1994. It just seems like a statistical improbabilty how those 4 guys career took off (Especially playing in the Astrodome for a while).

    If steriods does make you a better player then I think you have to look at the Houston Astros of the middle 1990s as an example

  2. You forgot to mention Doubles, he is 5th all time in doubles, great write up.

  3. Don’t forget the fact that he played decently at three different positions – C, 2B, and OF.

  4. The thing that amazes me most about Craig Biggio is that he went to the All-Star Game as both a catcher and a second baseman.

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