Rod Carew 1971 Topps

Rod Carew 1971 Topps

I search for cards from the 1971 Topps set all of the time on Ebay – As you know, I love Black-bordered baseball cards!!!

And of all of the posed, portrait style cards in the set, the one of Rod Carew easily ranks in my Top 10.

Well, I finally pulled the trigger on one and added it to my collection. 

1971 marked Carew’s 5th year in the majors and he was already one of the game’s biggest stars.  A 5-time All-star, Carew’s incredible offense brought him a ton of attention – a tough feat for anyone playing for the Minnesota Twins.  Amazingly, the first five years of Carew’s career could be considered sub-par in comparison to his output over the next seven seasons.  During that time, Carew would go on to collect six batting titles, 200 or more hits in four seasons, seven more All-star appearances, and 5 Top 10 finishes for the MVP award, including a first place finish in 1977.

I am overjoyed to finally add this card to my collection!!!

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