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My First 2 Vintage Ernie Banks Cards!!! YES!!!!

My First 2 Vintage Ernie Banks Cards!!!   YES!!!!

1 of my goals for growing my collection in 2010 was to add more vintage cards to my collection.

And as we sit here at the very end of August, I think that I have done pretty well with that specific goal.

But now, I can say that I am 100% confident that I have achieved that goal.

Check out these two beauties:

That’s right.  A 1968 & 1969 Topps Ernie Banks baseball card!!!

I am so shocked that I was able to score both of these.  I am more shocked that they are both in really, really good condition.  And I am even more shocked that I was able to bring both of these home for less than $10, combined.

Let me say that again – I paid less than $10 to bring home 2 vintage, classic baseball cards of one of the most legendary players of all-time!!!


Three Andre Dawson Classics!!!

Three Andre Dawson Classics!!!

The brand ‘Claasic’ put out baseball cards in a time when there was room to compete for part of the market share in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

The cards were always basic in design, and they usually used quality pictures with bright borders.  I have scooped up several cards of Andre Dawson from the Classic sets that were issued of him.  

And as I look to bulk up on my collection honoring ‘The Hawk”, I found three more Classics for the collection!

Here they are: 

These cards won’t win any awards for originality or design, but they offer up more for the player collectors to go after.

And that is exactly what I needed!!!

Tony Perez 1984 Donruss

Tony Perez 1984 Donruss

When someone in 1984 yells ‘Hey Tony’, this is what you get… 

Just a terrible baseball card…

1987 Topps Record Breakers – Card #7 – Todd Worrell

1987 Topps Record Breakers – Card #7 – Todd Worrell

Headline – “Todd Worrell Destroys The First Year Mark For Saves”

The Story – Chicago, Il.  October 5, 1986:  Cardinals’ Worrell has recorded 36 saves in 1986, a major league record for rookies.  The former standard of 23 saves in initial campaign was set by Twins’ Doug Corbett in 1980.  Todd had save in 1985 World Series.

My take – I remember this record-breaking season vividly.  Had Worrell done this twenty years later he could have earned a nice seven-figure contract…