My Tim Raines Player Collection Is Complete!!!

My Tim Raines Player Collection Is Complete!!!

I have finally completed my tribute to Tim Raines – and 1 thing resonated with me throughout this process of putting together a set of all of Raines’ Expos cards.  And that thing is that Tim Raines deserves more recognition and consideration for Hall of Fame enshrinement.

Raines is one of the greatest lead-off hitters of all-time, and his numbers are very comparable, and even better than most of his peers.

Raines was able to combine the skills of a great runner, classic hitter, and brilliant defender into his all-around  game.  His desire to be the best and help elevate his team’s amount of wins was clear in every base he stole, run he scored, and play he made.

Finally, my Tim Raines collection is complete:  

And as I do with all of my newly completed player collections, I will select and rank my ‘Fab 5’ all week next week.  Stay tuned, card #5 will debut next Monday…



4 responses to “My Tim Raines Player Collection Is Complete!!!

  1. Congrats – that is a good looking player collection. I Always enjoy following the PCs and subsets you build.

  2. Congrats! I hope that 1990 Upper Deck card is in the top 5. Always loved that one.

  3. Great collection! As a fan of Raines since he was a rookie, I’m always happy to see others who believe he belongs in the Hall Of Fame. No doubt about it.

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