Happy Anniversary Lou Whitaker & Alan Trammell

Happy Anniversary Lou Whitaker & Alan Trammell

On this day in 1977, both Lou Whitaker and Alan Trammell made their debuts for the Detroit Tigers. 

Nearing the end of the 1977 baseball season, and well out of contention for a playoff chance, the Tigers brought up these two rookies to see what they could do at the big league level.

And how did they fare??

Well, let’s just say that for the next 19 baseball seasons, the Detroit Tigers management and front office did not have to worry about their middle infield.  Lou Whitaker and Alan Trammell transformed how double-play tandems were viewed due to their ability to play as a cohesive unit.

And the results of their work together? 

Whitaker was the Rookie of the Year in 1978.  He also made the All-star team 5 times while winning 3 Gold Gloves.  Trammell was a 6-time All-star and earned 4 Gold Glove awards.  And most importantly, this duo helped lead the Tigers to the World Series championship in 1984.

Happy Anniversary to Mr. Whitaker & Mr. Trammell!!!


4 responses to “Happy Anniversary Lou Whitaker & Alan Trammell

  1. Those two had such a dominant presence for a long time.
    And, another nice post by you. ..Your posts bring back lots of great memories. Thanks, and keep them coming!

  2. Two of my favorite players during the 80’s… it’s hard to believe that it’s been 33 years since they made their debut… damn I feel old.

  3. My favorite Whitacker card is still is 1989 Bowman where the signature on the front says “Sweet Lou” Whitacher. When I was a kid both my brother and I spent considerable time trying to trade for it from our cousin. These posts do bring back some great memories

  4. I really miss the “dynamic duo”. I have been a baseball fan since the sixties and the only tiger team t-shirts that I have bought over the years is number “1”, SWEET LOU WHITAKER.

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