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Coming Soon: Darryl Strawberry Signing!!!

Coming Soon: Darryl Strawberry Signing!!!

While cruising through the mall this afternoon with my wife and kids, the memorabilia store pulled me in yet again.

This time, it was this poster that did it to me:

And you better believe that I am going to be there!!!

Darryl, I’ll see you on the 15th!!

Tony Perez 2005 Upper Deck SP ‘Lasting Legends’ Game-Used Jersey Card

Tony Perez 2005 Upper Deck SP ‘Lasting Legends’ Game-Used Jersey Card

This is one of several ‘Lasting Legends’ cards that I picked up from this set.  And I have to say that this one of Hall of Famer Tony Perez looks great!!

The colors of the card’s design work perfectly with the colors of the Reds uniform and helmet that Perez is wearing. 

Between the vintage effect with the marbled background and the bold and beautiful Copper accents, this series of cards may be one of my favorites.

Check it out:

Wade Boggs 1987 Donruss

Wade Boggs 1987 Donruss

I have this image engrained in my head from all of the Red Sox games I watched as a kid.  And with Boggs being my favorite member of the squad, I paid particular attention to when he was at the plate.

So, while I can still picture those days that took place more than 20 years ago, I really don’t care for the picture that they used to show Boggs at bat.

Actually, let me correct that last statement.  The photo used on this 1987 Donruss card is exactly what I recall of Boggs.  The fierce look of concentration.  His holding the bat high in th air.  The right elbow cocked and ready to unload…

All great memories of watching this classic hitter at the plate.   I just wish that the card’s photo was cropped better to show that to us….

Josh Johnson 2010 Topps Heritage

Josh Johnson 2010 Topps Heritage

I picked this card up for a quarter.  I like the old-school designs of the ‘Heritage’ brand that Topps issues every year.

I wonder if they told JJ to cross his arms and hold the ball that way.  My guess is a Yes….

Happy Anniversary Dwight ‘Doc’ Gooden!!!

Happy Anniversary Dwight ‘Doc’ Gooden!!!

On this day in 1986, Dwight Gooden recorded the 200th strikeout of his 1986 season.  And while there was a lengthy list of pitchers that had accomplished that feat prior to ‘Doc’, he was the first pitcher in major league history to collect more than 200 K’s in his first three big league seasons.

Amazingly, with all of the fireballers before his era, Gooden was the first.  Not Nolan Ryan or Tom Seaver or Bob Gibson or Jim Palmer.

Here is a closer look at those three historic years:

Season K’s
1984 276
1985 268
1985 200

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to Dwight Gooden!!!