Recapping ‘The Andre Dawson Firesale’

Recapping ‘The Andre Dawson Firesale’

For close to 5 months my Sunday nights were filled with ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball and Ebay’s Andre Dawson Firesale.

Documented throughout the entire process, I spent week after week checking out the new stuff that Craig was offering up as he took one of the biggest and most complete Andre Dawson baseball card and memorabilia collections and broke it apart piece by piece.  In total, over 2,000 pieces were sold.

This rare opportunity gave me the ability to see and capture some Dawson-related stuff for my collection that I otherwise would not have been able to find.  The rarity mixed with the impeccable condition of Craig’s collection showed just how loyal and addicted to collecting ‘The Hawk’ that Craig was.

As a way to bring more viewers and potential buyers to his auctions, I linked to him on a weekly basis when I showed off my bounty.  I know that a few readers told me that they too bought from him because of my mentioning his auctions, and I hope that it was helpful and beneficial to him.

So, in total, I made purchases during 18 different weeks of the ‘Andre Dawson Firesale’.  I scored 76 new cards for my collection during that time, and I have to say that my collection of Andre is now looking better than ever!

A breakdown of the cards I bought goes like this:

29 Limited Edition cards

29 Autographed cards

18 Game-Used Relic Cards

All in all, I was very sad to see that Craig’s lifetime of collecting Andre Dawson was put to a halt.  He showed tremendous loyalty to Andre, and his collection recognizing Andre as his favorite player was immense. 

Thankfully, memories remain for Craig – and those will not be sold anytime soon!!!

Thank you Craig!!!

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