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FINAL EDITION – Milestones To Look Forward To During The 2010 Major League Baseball Season

FINAL EDITION – Milestones To Look Forward To During The 2010 Major League Baseball Season

The 2010 baseball season is now over, and there were some incredible highs and so terrible lows during the year.  But, the memories etched in our memories during the last 162 games will last for a lifetime!

This is the final post of this series.  We will look back at the possible achievements that I thought would be the biggest stories of the season and see which ones were obtained and which ones will never happen.

For the Final Edition, all of my comments will be in Red.


With the start of the 2010 major league baseball season just 1 week away, I thought it would be fun to look ahead and see what possible baseball milestones we may witness over the course of the season.

And while 2010 won’t produce any new members of the ‘500 HR Club’ or ‘3,000 Hits Club’ or ‘300 Wins Club’, it will certainly be memorable.  And these guys will have something to do with it.

Away we go:

Will Alex Rodriguez collect 30 home runs and 100 RBI for a 14th season??

He did it again – for 14 years.  With 30 homers and 125 RBI, A-Rod put himself in very rare company!!!

Can Ichiro amass 200 hits for the 10th straight year??

Oh, yeah!!!  214 hits gives Ichiro 10 straight years of 200 or more hits!!!

Will Dan Uggla smack 25 or more home runs adding to his record for second basemen??

You bet he will – 32 home runs to be exact.  And he also collected over 100 RBI for the first time in his career too…

When will Alex Rodriguez hit his 17th homer of the season putting him in the ‘600 HR Club’?

A-Rod will start the 2011 baseball season with 613 career dingers.  #700 should come some time during the 2014 season.  But who’s counting???

How soon will Johnny Damon collect 75 hits and enter the ‘2,500 Hits Club’?

Hardly a challenge, Damon tallied 146 hits on the year giving him 2,571.  3,000 is three years away – can he do it??

How fast will Chipper Jones tally 94 hits and join the ‘2,500 Hits Club’?

Chipper only played in 95 games in 2010 – and fell 10 hits short of the mark.  I’d love to see him come back and go after it in 2011.

Will Ken Griffey Jr. hit 30 home runs and tie Willie Mays with 660?

Griffey retired after playing in just 33 games.  He did not hit a home run this season – he retired with 630 career bombs.

Can Andruw Jones regain his home run swing and join the ‘400 HR Club’ by connecting for 12 dingers?

Jones reached #400 prior to the All-Star break.. He ended the year with 407.  I wonder if 500 is a possibility for the 33-year old…

How fast will Trevor Hoffman amass 9 saves and become the first member of the ‘600 Saves Club’?

Hoffman appeared in 50 games and recorded just 10 saves.  But he did capture #600.  We’ll see how many more he can snag before calling it a career.

The 2010 baseball season was full of fun and drama.  I hope you will agree that we saw some fantastic, and some horrible too, baseball.

I cannot wait to see what 2011 has in store for us!!!

Gary Carter 1982 Topps

Gary Carter 1982 Topps

I think that catchers are one of the most fun positions to photograph.

So much can happen at the plate between the interaction of the catcher and a hitter, his pitcher, or the umpire.  So when I see a card like this, and especially if it is of a catcher, I cringe.

Take a look:

See what I mean. 

We deserve so much better than this.  And it is not Gary’s fault at all!!!

Did You Know…

Roger Maris broke Babe Ruth’s single-season home run record by hitting his 61st home run on October 1, 1961.  Maris’ blast came against Tracy Stallard at Yankee Stadium in the 4th inning and accounted for New York’s only run in a 1-0 win over Boston.  Despite his historic season, Maris did not steal a base, and because Mickey Mantle batted behind him, he did not receive a single intentional walk.

**factoid courtesy of ‘Big League Trivia’

My take – I had to look it up.  In 2001, the year in which Barry Bonds hit 73 home runs, he stole 13 and was walked 177 times(35 intentionally).

My Orel Hershiser ‘Fab 5′ – Card #4

My Orel Hershiser ‘Fab 5′ – Card #4

Now that my Orel Hershiser player collection is complete I wanted to take the time to show off my favorite 5 cards from this set.

Card #4 – 1989 Fleer

This card has a nice 3D effect to it!!!

With the way that the graphics were laid out, and with Orel’s image being on top of the Grey and White pinstriped design, you get the feeling of movement with this card. 

And if you listen closely, you can hear the air move with a whipping sound as Orel fires another one at home plate.  And less than a second later, the ump bellows ‘S-T-R-I-K-E’!!!!

Seriously though, the Dodger’s colors work incredibly well with the Grey and White theme that Fleer used for this card.  And the photographer happened to catch a perfect image of Hershiser hurling a pitch at the plate too!!