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My Darryl Strawberry Dilemma!!!

My Darryl Strawberry Dilemma!!!

Ok, so let’s get right down to it….

A few weeks ago I found out that Darryl Strawberry would be doing a signing at the local memorabilia store near my house.  To date, this shop has held signings with Dwight Gooden, Gary Carter, and Josh Johnson.  And all of them have been outstanding when it comes to organization and fun.

So, naturally being a big Darryl Strawberry fan, I wanted to add his signature to my growing collection of signed baseballs.  And since I already have a few un-signed balls in my possession, all I would need to do is buy the autograph ticket and I would be all set.

And then I found out what the shop was charging for ‘Straw’ – $49.00!

While not a heck of a lot of money, $49 is not cheap either.  And since I have paid $40 or less for guys like Ozzie Smith, Gary Carter, and Fergie Jenkins, $49 seems awful high for a guy who is not as decorated as the above-mentioned players.

And then there is the fact that Darryl doesn’t really provide a consistent signature.

First, there is this:

Then, this:

And then this:

You see what I mean, right??  Pretty drastic differences, huh???

Ok, so now on to the dilemma.  While I am perfectly content on paying for an autograph and potential photo-op with ‘Straw’, I am not positive that I am willing to plunk down $65.00($49 for the auto and another $15 for the ball and case costs) for what may be a miserable looking signature. 

Oh, and then I found this on Ebay:

For just $19.99, I can get this official Rawlings game ball that has been signed pretty nicely by the Mets star player.  And it comes with a COA from the company that hosted a signing with him not too long ago.  And for just $19.99 plus another $8 for shipping, I am coming in way below what I would have to pay to get the signature done in person…   It’s missing an inscription, and I love inscriptions, but I am not sure that an inscription makes up for the almost $40 discount!!!

What to do, what to do!!!

What would you do??  Let me know, I would love some feedback on this one!  Thanks.

Getting The Andre Dawson ‘Stamp Of Approval’!!!

Getting The Andre Dawson ‘Stamp Of Approval’!!!

Kind of a neat little oddball addition to my Dawson collection.

I was able to recently score both the loose stamp as well as one that has been affixed to an index card-ish kind of thing that is cut down to be the size of a baseball card.

With my collection that pays tribute to my favorite baseball player of all-time getting bigger and bigger, it is finding oddballs and rarities like these that keeps the fuel burning!!!

 Bring it on!!!

Joe Morgan 1983 Topps ‘Super Veteran’

Joe Morgan 1983 Topps ‘Super Veteran’

Of all of the cards in this subset, I think the Joe Morgan card illustrates the ‘underdog’ phenomenon more than any other.  Standing at just 5 feet, 7 inches tall and weighing just 160 pounds, Joe Morgan didn’t look like a professional baseball player.  But don’t be fooled by his looks…

Joe Morgan is a 2-time Most Valuable Player award winner.  He also has appeared in 10 All-star games and owns 2 World Series championship rings from his days as a member of Cincinnati’s ‘Big Red Machine’. 

Ryan Braun 2010 Topps Opening Day

Ryan Braun 2010 Topps Opening Day

This card comes from the 2010 Topps Opening Day set, and it features a nice slugging picture of Ryan Braun.

And since the theme of said card is ‘Opening Day 2010’, I thought that I would use the power of the Internet to go back a few months to see how the star outfielder fared on this day.

The results – 2-for-4 with a single and a double.  He also drove in a run and struck out one time.  Not too bad of a start to the season if you ask me!!!

My Orel Hershiser ‘Fab 5′ – Card #2

My Orel Hershiser ‘Fab 5′ – Card #2

Now that my Orel Hershiser player collection is complete I wanted to take the time to show off my favorite 5 cards from this set.

Card #2 – 1988 Fleer

All of the angles presented on this card make the flow outstanding!  From the Red and Blue stripes surrounding the photo in the center of the card to the angle of Hershiser’s leg and arm that have been frozen in mid-air.  All of that works perfectly together.

So, while the 1988 Fleer set design will not win any awards for artistry or unique design, this card works extremely well, and that is why this card ranks as #2 on my list of the Orel Hershiser ‘Fab 5’.