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Frank Robinson 2010 Topps Commemorative Patch Card!!!

Frank Robinson 2010 Topps Commemorative Patch Card!!!

Another Frank Robinson relic card for the collection – YES!!!

This card is a beauty.  And I love the patch that Topps had manufactured – the Orioles logo along with the MLB logo that is done in Baltimore’s colors look fantastic.

The card commemorates 1970 World Series championship that the O’s won.  In that 5-game series, Robinson collected 6 hits, 2 of which were home runs.  He also scored 5 times and tallied 4 RBI. 

Reggie Jackson 2010 Topps Legendary Lineage Starring Adam Dunn!!!

Reggie Jackson 2010 Topps Legendary Lineage Starring Adam Dunn!!!

I think that this pairing of Reggie Jackson and Adam Dunn may be the best duo that Topps put together as part of their ‘Legendary Lineage’ set.

Both hitters have very similar offensive traits – Power hitters capable of launching 500-foot home runs while also not afraid to strike out 100 or more times in a season.

And when you look closer at the numbers, it’s pretty obvious what their #1 talent was…

Reggie Jackson hit 563 home runs over the course of his career.  27.7% of his hits cleared the outfield fences.  Adam Dunn has hit 354 home runs, and that is good for 28.4% of his career hits.

As for plate appearance, Reggie hit a home run in every 20.3 at-bats.  Dunn smashes one in every 17.1 trips to the plate.

So, while Dunn may never earn a tag similar to ‘Mr. October’, it is very clear that his offensive talents(when talking about hitting the long-ball) are on par with Reggie.

Great job Topps!!!!

Wade Boggs 1992 Topps All-Star

Wade Boggs 1992 Topps All-Star

The 1992 baseball season marked Wade Boggs’ final year with the Boston Red Sox.  It was also his 8th straight year of making the American League All-Star team.

He would go on to make another 4 more squads with the Yankees – giving him 12 total appearances.

12 All-Star games in an 18-year career is pretty remarkable.  Personally, I don’t think that Boggs gets enough credit for being one of the best players from his era.  His ability to hit was very close to unmatched, but he also scored 1,513 runs during his playing days – while never really having 100+ RBI guys batting behind him. 

Wade Boggs was an offense-generator and his lifetime batting average of .328 and on-base percentage of .415 should be recognized as elite accomplishments!!!

Josh Johnson 2008 Topps Heritage

Josh Johnson 2008 Topps Heritage

I’m really digging the old-school designs that modern issues are using.  And while I would always prefer the original versus the revamped versions of these cards, I have to admit that it is kind of cool to see today’s stars on these vintage designs.

That had me thinking – What pitcher is Josh Johnson most like from prior eras?  Does he have the velocity to match Juan Marichal.  Does he have the precision to match Tom Seaver?  What about ferociousness?  Can he match Bob Gibson’s attitude? 

While these are all great questions, I have to think that 2011 is going to be a crucial year for JJ.  If the Marlins hope to compete, and attract new free agents, it would be great to have a 20-game winner on the staff.  And of the players currently under contract, it is only JJ that could come close to that mark.  Now he just has to find a way to make 35+ starts in a season – something he has never come close to doing…

Good Luck Josh – I am pulling for you!!

1992 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Johnny Bench & Joe Morgan Subset – Card #9

1992 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Johnny Bench & Joe Morgan Subset – Card #9

The last card of the set shows these two classy guys enjoying a moment together.

Upper Deck had 2,500 of these signed by both players and inserted into random packs for collectors to hunt down.

How cool would it have been to pull one of these back in 1992???