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The End To My Darryl Strawberry Saga – I Bought A Signed Ball!!!!

The End To My Darryl Strawberry Saga – I Bought A Signed Ball!!!!

If you have been following ’30-YOC’ over the last few weeks than you know that I have been very excited about an upcoming signing with Darryl Strawberry that is happening at my local mall.  In case you missed it, you can re-read that story here.

And once I found out what the shop was charging for Darryl’s autograph, I did a little Strawberry inspired homework.  And you can read all about that here.

While nowhere close to life or death drama, I tossed and turned for a few nights about this and then I finally pulled the trigger:

A great addition to my signed baseball collection, I really think that I made the right move by buying this ball.  I am a big Strawberry fan and supporter, but with the money I saved by going this route, I can possibly scoop up another signed ball soon.


1987 Topps Reggie Jackson – Turn Back The Clock

1987 Topps Reggie Jackson – Turn Back The Clock

Taking it back to a little old-school with this one…

This card is from the 1987 Topps subset called ‘Turn back The Clock’.  Featuring a glimpse of Reggie’s 1977 card on this one, the shot of Reggie from back then screams 1970’s.

From the butterfly-collared undershirt, to the large Afro hiding under his helmet, to the slick looking sunglasses Reggie is proudly sporting – it all scream 1970s, and it all exudes the “King of Cool”, Mr. Reggie Jackson!!!  

Reggie 87T TBTC

2 More Andre Dawson Diamonds Kings From The 2005 Set!!!

2 More Andre Dawson Diamonds Kings From The 2005 Set!!!

Yeah baby – 2 more incredible additions to my growing 2005 Donruss Diamond Kings set of Andre Dawson cards.

Come see:

This brings my Diamond Kings collection from 2005 to a total of 14 cards – 11 base and parallel versions, 2 Game Used cards, and 1 certified autograph.

I wonder how many other versions are still out there for me to go after….  If they’re out there, I will hunt them down – Dont you worry!!!!

Paul Molitor 1991 Bowman

Paul Molitor 1991 Bowman

Just look at that follow-through….  My back aches just watching Paul Molitor taking this hack at the plate!!!

Molitor is one of the most underrated hitters of his era, actually in all of baseball for that matter.

The numbers don’t lie – 3,319 hits, 605 doubles, 114 triples, 234 home runs.

And to have done all of that over the course of a 21-season major league career and still not get recognized for it in the manner that he should be is very upsetting.

That is one of the main reasons that I went after this collection – to honor the greatness that he gave his fans and the sport of baseball while he wore the uniform!

An awesome addition to my Paul Molitor collection!!!

Happy Birthday Eddie Matthews!!!

Happy Birthday Eddie Matthews!!!

Eddie Matthews had a solid 17-year professional baseball career.  And while his individual achievements and team success were on par with the biggest stars of his era, it was his quiet approach to the game that kept him out of the limelight.  Playing alongside Hank Aaron for most of his career kept the spotlight off of him as well…

Still, Matthews was quite the slugger, and he put up very impressive numbers.  Clubbing 512 home runs during his career, Matthews hit 25 or more home runs in 11 consecutive seasons, and 12 in total.  A run-producer, Eddie knocked in 100 runs five times while also scoring 100 or more runs 8 times.

Matthews was a 9-time All-Star and perennial candidate for the MVP award.  He was elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1978.

He helped lead his 1957 Braves and 1968 Tigers teams to World Series championships.

Happy Birthday Eddie Matthews!!!

So Happy For Cody Ross!!!

If you took a poll in my house, Cody Ross would be the favorite player. 

I know, I know, I am an Andre Dawson guy, tried and true, but my 4-year old loves Cody and my wife likes him as well.

We met Cody during the 2009 baseball season and he was so friendly and outgoing towards us.  And when we told him that my son’s very first Marlins’ basbeall game would be the next afternoon, he gave my son a huge ‘High Five’ and my little guy has been hooked on him since.

So now, when I am watching a game on TV, if it catches his attention he asks where Cody is.  He wants to see Cody.  He wants to ‘High Five’ Cody again.

As a matter of fact, in my son’s room on his corkboard are pictures of our family, his classmates, trips we have taken, and 1 autographed baseball card – of Cody Ross!!!

Cody – We are so thrilled to see how well you are playing and helping the Giants win in the playoffs.  And while I am not cheering for any specific team to walk away with the World Series championship this year, I am hoping that you reach that goal.

Best of luck Cody!!!  ‘High Five’!!!!