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2008 Upper Deck Heroes: Ernie Banks, Frank Robinson, & Mike Schmidt – Base

2008 Upper Deck Heroes: Ernie Banks, Frank Robinson, & Mike Schmidt – Base

It has been way too long since I added a new addition to the rainbow of cards I have been working on of Ernie Banks that were issued as part of this set.  And since I am barely able to find anything to buy to get me closer to finishing this off, I will simply move on to the next, most logical extension….

Along with his base card, Ernie Banks is also featured on a card bearing the photos of Frank Robinson and Mike Schmidt.  The cards are available in the same array of colors as the regular Banks cards and since I happen to be a big fan of both Robinson and Schmidt anyway, this should be an enjoyable interlude as I keep my eyes peeled for the last few Banks’ cards I need to knock off the set.

This card, the base version, is not serial numbered liked the colored parallels.  But still, it is a great start to this minor excursion.


Dennis Eckersley 1978 Topps

Dennis Eckersley 1978 Topps

Whoa – I am not sure that I own a baseball card that can be linked to the year it was issued in the same way that this 1978 Topps Dennis Eckersley card can be.

Forget the fact that ‘Eck’ was establishing himself as a premier pitcher in the sport – Check out that mustache!  And his mane!  And that oversized butterfly collar!!  And you can even see a hint of some pork-chop sideburns too!!!

Something tells me that if the photographer of this picture took a shot that showed a full body, Eckersley would be wearing bell-bottoms too…  🙂 


TTM Success: 1990 CY Young Winner, Doug Drabek

TTM Success: 1990 CY Young Winner, Doug Drabek

Hey, it took 160 days, but Doug Drabek answered his mail and returned 2 great autographs back to me.

Drabek has a very solid through the mail reputation so I was a little worried that it took so long, but now that my cards are back home with me, I am very happy to add them to my autograph collection.

Both personalized, I chose to send Mr. Drabek cards from the 1987 Topps and Donruss issues.  And while I don’t recall his days with the Yankees as being the best of his career, I love the way that the Black Sharpie pops off both of these cards.

Thanks for the great autographs Mr. Drabek!!!

Joe Morgan 1984 Donruss

Joe Morgan 1984 Donruss

I love those old Powder-Blue uniforms that the Phillies wore back in the 1980’s.

And the long sideburns that Morgan is sporting in this photo look great as well!!

By the looks of it, Joe has popped up to the second baseman on this shot…

Did You Know…

Mariano Rivera and Jeff Montgomery are the only two pitchers with 300 saves to get them all with the same team.  Rivera has 559 saves with the Yankees through the 2010 season.  Montgomery retired from the Kansas City Royals after the 1999 season with 304 saves.

**factoid courtesy of ‘Big League Trivia’

My take – In the age of free agency and paying for veteran help come playoff time, I doubt that there will be another closer to capture 300 saves for the same team ever again.  Just 1 more reason to value and respect what Rivera has done with the Yankees!!!