Steve Carlton 2001 Fleer ‘Greats’ – Autograph!!!

Steve Carlton 2001 Fleer ‘Greats’ – Autograph!!!

Early last week I hooked myself up while cruising around Ebay.  I found a seller that was unloading a big stack of 2001 Fleer ‘Greats’ autographed cards – and at very low prices…

In total, there were probably 8-9 cards that I was very interested in.  Ultimately I settled in on 4 of them – and I paid just $22.00.

Card #1 from that buy is this card of Steve Carlton.

Sweet, huh??  This bad-boy cost me just $7.00, and his autograph is one that I have wanted to add to my collection for quite some time.

I am very excited about this card – and the other three as well.  I’ll show off card #2 in the next few days…


One response to “Steve Carlton 2001 Fleer ‘Greats’ – Autograph!!!

  1. Great deal for Carlton! Can’t wait to see the others.


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