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My Next Tribute To ‘The Big Red Machine’….

My Next Tribute To ‘The Big Red Machine’….

OK, so I think that I have done a pretty good job of paying tribute to the championship Reds teams from the mid-70s that I have grown to appreciate even more over the last year.

Between the team sets and subsets that I have put together, my Cincinnati Reds collection has taken a step closer towards being a very solid tribute to that legendary ball club.

With one exception…

And that will be corrected.


You see, the Reds won the World Series in both 1975 and 1976.  And since I have already put together the team set from the 1975 Topps issue, it just makes sense to go after their 1976 team set too.

So, that is what I will be doing.

I’ve got checklists to build.  I’ve got cards to organize.  And I’ve got Ebay searching to do.

And I will share that entire process with you until my next and possibly final tribute to ‘The Big Red Machine’ is complete!!!

Stay tuned.

Andre Dawson 2004 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Jersey Card

Andre Dawson 2004 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Jersey Card

I love this set.  And this is the 5th different Game-Used or Manufactured Patch card that I have picked up from it.

Serial numbered as 150/275, this card features Andre in his Expos uniform.  I also have the card from this series that shows ‘The Hawk’ in his Cubs’ uniform too.

And what about that sweet looking Powder-Blue swatch?  Looks great, doesn’t it??

An instant classic for my collection!!!

I wonder how many other variations remain…

Ozzie Smith 1986 Topps

Ozzie Smith 1986 Topps

Man Ozzie looks small on this card.

Is this 1986 Topps baseball card an optical illusion or do I need to go visit my eye doctor???

Did You Know…

The 1965 Chicago Cubs had three players with more than 100 RBI, but nobody else on the team drove in more than 34 runs.  Billy Williams led the club with 108, followed by Ernie Banks who drove in 106 and Ron Santo who knocked in 101. 

**factoid courtesy of ‘Big League Trivia’.

My take – Incredible contributions from their leaders, but terrible support from the remaining players…

Happy Birthday Ichiro!!!

Ichiro turns 37 years old today!!

Arguably the best hitter of the decade, Ichiro Suzuki has proven to be an extremely talented contact hitter, maybe one of the best ever.

In 10 professional seasons in major league baseball, Ichiro has collected 2,200+ hits.  In ten years he has accumulated 200 or more hits in each of those seasons.  His ability to get on base has not diminished since his debut season, and he seems to just be getting better.

For his birthday, I wish Ichiro perfect health.  And I want that health to hold until he gets into the 3,000 hits club.  Based on his average he will need just 4 more years to accomplish that task.  And while that means he will be 40 years old when that time comes, I do believe that he is conditioned to reach that mark with relative ease!!

Happy Birthday Ichiro!!!