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A Trio Of Fantastic Looking Willie Mays Reprint Cards!!!

A Trio Of Fantastic Looking Willie Mays Reprint Cards!!!

My buddy Charley, creator of the blog ‘Andre Dawson For The Hall Of Fame’, recently sent me over a nice and healthy stack of baseball cards.

This is not the first time that Charley has hooked me up – in fact it seems like he enjoys giving my player collections a boost as he often sends stuff over each time I introduce new players to my collecting roster.

But this time, he mixed in something a bit different….

3 fabulous looking Willie Mays reprint cards.  And trust me when I tell you that while I would prefer the originals(who wouldn’t), these cards look incredible.

Reprints of Mays’ 1960, 1967, and 1972 Topps cards – I have to say that I am very interested to see how many more variations of these there are…

I may have found a new subset to collect.

Thanks Charley!!!

Wade Boggs 1990 Bowman

Wade Boggs 1990 Bowman

WAIT A MINUTE!!!!  Hold the phone!!!!  Stop the presses!!!!  Sound the alarm!!!

Is Wade Boggs about to throw a knuckle-ball from third to first???

Yeah, I know that it looks like he is warming up and not playing in an actual game, but that is kind of odd isn’t it?  I mean I know that some players have their rituals, but a ‘knuckler’ from Boggs???

Kind of odd, right???

Josh Johnson 2006 Topps T52 – Rookie Card!!

Josh Johnson 2006 Topps T52 – Rookie Card!!

Wow, look how serious a young Josh Johnson looked on his 2006 Topps T52 rookie baseball card.

While he is all business on the mound, it would be nice to see him kind of crack a smile and show a little personality in this photo though….

Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers.  And just grabbing a Josh Johnson rookie card is enough for me.  This time…

Happy Anniversary Joe Carter!!!

Happy Anniversary Joe Carter!!!

On this day in 1993 Joe Carter hit one of the most recognizable home runs in World Series history.  On baseball’s biggest stage, he rose to the occasion and secured his spot as one of the game’s biggest heroes.

I remember watching this game and seeing the joy in Joe’s eyes, smile, and body language as he rounded the bases after blasting this huge World Series winning home run.  As kids, we all dream of this exact spot that Joe Carter was in on that night in October.  His boyhood dream became reality right in front of our eyes and it was an amazing sight to witness.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Carter!!