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I Have Finally Completed The Andre Dawson 2010 Topps T206 Set!!! YES!!!!

I Have Finally Completed The Andre Dawson 2010 Topps T206 Set!!!  YES!!!!

It’s not very often that I can get too excited about new releases in the hobby.  But when a card company issues cards of my favorite players from prior eras, I get very excited to get some ‘fresh’ cards to go after.

And that is exactly what happened when Topps released their T206 set – it included cards of Andre Dawson.

The first card I obtained was the easiest one, the base version.

And then it was time to grab the ‘Bronze’ version of the base card.

And then it was time to go after the minis…

First I nabbed the Piedmont card.  And then the Caramel and Old Mill versions.  From there I bought the Cycle version.  And finally, I hunted down a Polar Bear…

But maybe you don’t believe me…  Maybe I am fooling you with this optical illusion.  Maybe all five cards picture above are the same…


But maybe not.  And here is my proof….

Oh yeah, all five versions baby!  Gotta love it!!!

Here is one more look at the full 2010 Topps T206 set of Andre Dawson cards:

A fantastic addition to my collection!!!


Willie McCovey 2003 Fleer ‘Flair Greats’ Game-Used Jersey Card

Willie McCovey 2003 Fleer ‘Flair Greats’ Game-Used Jersey Card

You better believe that I am going to scoop up any $0.99 Wiilie McCovey Game-Used cards that I can find.

I did it when I found this one, and I will do it again, and again, and again!!!

This is the third or fourth card from this set that I have added to my collection.  All HOFers too, which is very cool…

Anyways, the set is starting to grow on me a bit and while the design is a bit bland, and dare we say boring, I am starting to like the different shades of Grey that Fleer used for this one!

And hey, it’s Willie McCovey – enough said!!!


Reggie Jackson 1987 K-Mart – Collector’s Edition

Reggie Jackson 1987 K-Mart – Collector’s Edition

A fun little Reggie Jackson oddball for you to enjoy on this beautiful Sunday afternoon…

Like many companies that wanted to take advantage of the popularity that baseball card collecting had during the 1980’s, Kmart got in on the act.  In fact, they commissioned Topps to build them several sets – and to be honest, the cards came out pretty well.

This one below of Reggie Jackson was issued in 1987 and it celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Kmart franchise.

Highlighted by a vintage photo of Mr. October, the card is simple in design, but it has a nice flow to it and is not overpowered by the company logos like some of the other private label cards of that era…

A very cool addition to my tribute collection of Reggie Jackson!!!!

Tony Perez 1983 Topps Super Veteran

Tony Perez 1983 Topps Super Veteran

 2,732 hits.  379 home runs.  1,652 RBI.  1,272 runs scored.  7-time All-star.  Member of ‘The Big Red Machine’.  2-time World Series Champion.  I would say without question that Tony Perez is a ‘Super Veteran’.

Perez enjoyed a long, 23-year career in the big leagues.  A solid player that put up impressive numbers annually, Perez was a strong contributor and was one of the reasons that his teams played in 5 World Series match-ups.  Perez is a winner – and the teams he played for benefited from his talents.  From 1970-76, Tony’s team played for the World Series title 4 times.  And although they only captured 2 titles in those 4 chances, Tony Perez and ‘The Big Red Machine’ are still talked about today as one of the greatest dynasties in baseball history.