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Frank Robinson 1967 Topps

Frank Robinson 1967 Topps

Now this is a wonderful addition to my baseball card collection – A vintage 1967 Topps Frank Robinson baseball card that is in extremely good condition.

I had been lurking around on Ebay for the better part of a week without winning any of the ‘old’ cards that had caught my eye.  And then my luck turned, and this was the first card that started what ended up being a great streak of winning some incredibly great vintage goodies.

As you all know, I value Frank Robinson.  And I consider him to be one of the greatest offensive players to ever play the sport.  And while I know that I will never successfully collect all of his cards, adding this ’67 Topps card to my collection is a great achievement for me as a collector!!!

Enjoy.  I know I will… 

Paul Molitor 1992 Topps GOLD!!!

Paul Molitor 1992 Topps GOLD!!!

Gold is Good.

Me likes Gold

Reggie Jackson 2001 Topps Gallery

Reggie Jackson 2001 Topps Gallery

I’m not really too sure what Topps was trying to do with this set.  Maybe this was there attempt to compete with Donruss and their Diamond Kings cards.  Or maybe it was their version of the paintings that Upper Deck was issuing in their sets.

Either way, the result is a unique card of Mr. October.

Now I just have to decide if I like it or not…  Until that time, the jury is out…

1989 Topps Record Breakers – Card #3 – Gary Carter

1989 Topps Record Breakers – Card #3 – Gary Carter

Headline – ‘Carter Sets Records For Career Putouts’

The Story – St. Louis, MO.  October 2, 1988:  Mets’ Gary Carter has completed the season with 10,360 career putouts, most of any catcher in major league history.  The former mark of 9,941 putouts by a backstop was set by Tigers’ Bill Freehan, from 1967 thru 1976.

Happy Anniversary Bill Buckner & Mookie Wilson!!!

Happy Anniversary Bill Buckner & Mookie Wilson!!!

On this day in 1986 you made the most famous error in baseball history.  Although many 1st baseman prior to you have seen ground balls accidentally roll through their legs, none was on a bigger stage than your error in game 6 of the 1986 World Series.

Errors occur all of the time in baseball.  But, in the bottom of the 10th inning with runners in scoring position and the game tied the impact of this accident was magnified.  Mookie Wilson’s ground ball would have been handled by Buckner with ease the next 100 times without question, but with the pressure on, it was Buckner that failed and Wilson that prevailed.

I remember watching this game as an 11-year old.  I was pulling for the Red Sox and wanted to see Wade Boggs win his first ever World Series title.  What I ended up seeing was baseball history of another kind that has no equal within the last 30 years.

This error made Bill Buckner and Mookie Wilson one of the most famous pairings in baseball history!!

Happy Anniversary Mr. Buckner and Mr. Wilson!!!