Ken Griffey 1978 Topps

Ken Griffey 1978 Topps

There’s the man!!  And look at that million-dollar smile!!!!

This card, and Ken Griffey’s style screams 1970’s.  From the afro hiding under his Reds cap to those wonderful pork-chop sideburns…

Griffey was a stud.  And in 1978, he was quite a source of offense for the Reds.  Collecting 177 hits including 33 doubles, 8 triples, and 10 home runs, Griffey had the talent to provide a solid on-base percentage coupled with the knack for hitting the ball very hard.  During that ’78 season, he also drove in 63 runs while scoring 90.  And for good measure, Griffey also stole 23 bases.

A truly undervalued player – Griffey provided quite a spark to the Reds’ offensive machine!!!

One response to “Ken Griffey 1978 Topps

  1. I have that same card… Is it worth anything???

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