Bob Gibson 1971 Topps

Bob Gibson 1971 Topps

Vintage time!!!!

I cannot believe that this baseball card is close to 40 years old.  And I have to say that for being 39, this card of Bob Gibson from the 1971 Topps baseball set looks pretty good!!!

While the camera angle used to shoot this photo is not odd, I have to say that the end result of the shot is.  Between Gibson’s Grey jersey and Red hat mixed with all of the same colored shirts and hats in the stands, Gibson blends in really well with the crowd.  Heck, the third baseman stands out more than ‘Hoot’ and it is not his card.

Instead of ‘Where’s Waldo’, we can play ‘Where’s Gibby’ with this one…  🙂 


One response to “Bob Gibson 1971 Topps

  1. He’s the BAMF on the mound…. don’t make me spell out the abreviation !

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