Calling It Quits!!!

Calling It Quits!!!

No, No, No.  Don’t worry ’30-Year Old Cardboard’ is not going anywhere.

I’m just revamping my collection a bit.  And after going back and forth on this decision for the better part of two weeks, I have finally made the choice to abandon my Ryan Braun and Josh Johnson collections.

While I still really enjoy watching both of these guys play, my enjoyment of collecting their cards has put me on a roller coaster of emotions that has left me in the pits.  After really trying to get into collecting modern cards of modern players, I have decided that for now it is not for me.

So, my collection of Braun will end with 34 cards in total and my collection of JJ will rest with 40.  In each lot, there are tons of rookie cards and inserts as well.

If anyone has interest in these cards please let me know – I would be happy to offer them up to a good home.  And I wouldn’t be looking for much in return either…

Both of these players are fantastic, and they both rank very high on my list of current players that I enjoy watching.

But for now, that is how it will remain.  Strictly watching, not collecting.

Leave me a comment if you want part or all of these two player collections.


One response to “Calling It Quits!!!

  1. Let me know what you want for both of them… Even tho i most likely have the JJ’s..

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