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The Checklist Is Built. Let’s Do It!!!

The Checklist Is Built.  Let’s Do It!!!

Yessir, I am ready. 

It took very little time to build and now I am ready to move on to my favorite phase – collecting.

I am going to go after the full 1976 Topps team set of the Cincinnati Reds.  And while this team set has substantially fewer cards than the ’75 set, the challenge to complete it while not spending a ton of money remains.

The Reds’ roster was loaded with offensive superstars, and there are several cards in this set that will be heavily over-priced.  Lucky for me, I am a disciplined shopper…

I cannot wait to get this going.

Here is the checklist I will be looking to conquer:

Card # Player
24 Geronimo, Cesar
48 Concepcion, Dave
77 Borbon, Pedro
104 Anderson, Sparky
128 Griffey, Ken
155 Billingham, Jack
179 Foster, George
211 Carroll, Clay
240 Rose, Pete
259 Chaney, Darrel
283 Rettenmund, Merv
300 Bench, Johnny
325 Perez, Tony
362 McEnaney, Will
390 Gullett, Don
420 Morgan, Joe
444 Nolan, Gary
461 Bench, Johnny
462 Rose, Perez, Morgan
469 Eastwick, Rawley
491 Crowley, Terry
514 Driessen, Dan
518 Flynn, Doug
538 Darcy, Pat
561 Carroll, Tom
579 Kirby, Clay
599 Zachry, Pat
609 Norman, Fred
627 Plummer, Bill
652 Armbrister, Ed
208T Lum, Mike
338T Bailey, Bob


Don’t worry, I’ll post each and every card from this set as I obtain them.

Wish me luck!!!

Ozzie Smith 1993 Bowman

Ozzie Smith 1993 Bowman

It’s not too often that you see a picture of Ozzie Smith taking a mean rip at a ball, but that is what Bowman gave us with this 1993 issue.

What I do notice is that even though Ozzie appears to have produced a mighty swing at the pitch, his bat is perfectly level and in control. 

That is the sign of a truly disciplined hitter – his technique is flawless…

Did You Know…

Joe Carter is the only player to have three consecutive 100-RBI seasons while playing with three different teams.  Carter drove in 103 runs in 1989 for the Cleveland Indians, 115 runs in 1990 for the San Diego Padres, and 108 runs for the 1991 Toronto Blue Jays.

**factoid courtesy of ‘Big League Trivia’

Ozzie Smith 2008 Upper Deck SP ‘Legendary Materials’ Game-Used Jersey Card

Ozzie Smith 2008 Upper Deck SP ‘Legendary Materials’ Game-Used Jersey Card

Ozzie!!  Ozzie!!  Ozzie!!!

This is the second Game-Used jersey card that I have picked up of Ozzie.  The first one contained a White swatch from one of his home uniforms, and as you can see below, this one has a piece of Grey, Road jersey.  Soon, I will have to find one that is Red…

This is the 5th or 6th card from this 2008 SP ‘Legendary Materials’ set that I have picked up, and I really like these cards.

I am definitely going to have to try to score a few more for this set!!!

‘On The Road With psugator02′ – October 25, 2010

‘On The Road With psugator02′ – October 25, 2010

RaceTrac gas station
Pembroke Park, Fla.
Monday, October 25
6:30-6:40 p.m.

Odd scene. Dolphins’ cornerback Vontae Davis sitting under a too-little canopy that looked like it was rented from Costco. Four people surrounded him, most of them asking him to sign U.S. currency. Sitting next to him was a Keith David lookalike (see him here peddling unsigned 8x10s for $20….I’m not really sure what was going on because I saw people approach Vontae with unsigned items and he kindly signed them. But if you walked up and had nothing you couldn’t buy items from other people standing there, but you had to buy them from Mr. David. I told Mr. David that the situation seemed a little strange, and he responded, “Economics.”

Vontae was signing everything in black Sharpie but he gladly obliged when I asked him if he could sign in blue. I made some small talk as he signed, asking what he remembered about playing in State College, Pa., where I used to live. “Big rivalry game. That’s all I really remember,” Vontae said. I then told him that he sounded very good during yesterday’s postgame interview.

He did 1/1 and would’ve done a lot more had I not had printing problems.

Ken Griffey 1978 Topps

Ken Griffey 1978 Topps

There’s the man!!  And look at that million-dollar smile!!!!

This card, and Ken Griffey’s style screams 1970’s.  From the afro hiding under his Reds cap to those wonderful pork-chop sideburns…

Griffey was a stud.  And in 1978, he was quite a source of offense for the Reds.  Collecting 177 hits including 33 doubles, 8 triples, and 10 home runs, Griffey had the talent to provide a solid on-base percentage coupled with the knack for hitting the ball very hard.  During that ’78 season, he also drove in 63 runs while scoring 90.  And for good measure, Griffey also stole 23 bases.

A truly undervalued player – Griffey provided quite a spark to the Reds’ offensive machine!!!

Joe Morgan 1984 Fleer Updated

Joe Morgan 1984 Fleer Updated

Issued during the baseball season, Fleer’s update sets gave the collector a chance to keep their collections current.  Often providing us with Rookie cards and updated cards of players on new teams, I looked forward to these sets as they offered up a chance to nab some new cards during the season.

And it also offered us cards like this one of Joe Morgan.  Morgan played the entire 1984 baseball season with the Oakland A’s, but because they did not know he was going to play in Oakland when producing the set, Fleer’s base set contained a cad of Morgan in his Phillies’ uniform – the team he ended the ’83 campaign with.

I like that Fleer offered us these options.  And that ’84 Update set had a few Rookie gems in it too!!!

Gary Carter 1989 Upper Deck

Gary Carter 1989 Upper Deck

“Can someone shine a light in this direction??  I’m looking for Gary Carter, but I cannot find him in the darkness”.

While some collectors may enjoy a card like this one, like Night Owl, I am not too impressed….  The action is there, but the very dark picture coupled with Carter’s road uniform makes for way too dark of a card for my liking… 

1990 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Reggie Jackson Subset – Card #9

1990 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Reggie Jackson Subset – Card #9

Ah, the final card of the set!

And what a tribute it is…

A glorious piece of artwork that showcases Reggie and his amazing career – from beginning to end.

And I love how the artist displayed all four caps that Reggie wore during his 21 seasons as a major league player!!!

1990 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Reggie Jackson Subset – Card #8

1990 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Reggie Jackson Subset – Card #8

Reggie’s final season was played back in Oakland – where his big league career started.

Reggie was honored by his former team over the course of the season, and his final season in the majors was a grand send-off.

At the age of 41, Reggie added 15 more home runs and another 43 RBI to his extremely impressive resume!!