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Gary Carter 1983 Fleer ‘Superstar Special’ with Carlton Fisk

Gary Carter 1983 Fleer ‘Superstar Special’ with Carlton Fisk

When a baseball card features two of the most accomplished and respected players in the sport on one card, I am probably going to like it.  And I am probably going to want it for my collection too.

Well, with this one, I kind of lucked out a bit.  This card was on my Gary Carter ‘Needs List’ so it kind of made the choice itself – it is a mandatory card to get into my Carter collection.

And now it is mine…

1989 Topps Record Breakers – Card #5 – Orel Hershiser

1989 Topps Record Breakers – Card #5 – Orel Hershiser

Headline: “Hershiser Pitches 59 Scoreless Innings”

The Story: San Diego, CA.  September 28, 1988:  Dodgers’ Orel Hershiser has completed the 1988 season with 59 consecutive scoreless innings, a major league record.  Dodgers’ Don Drysdale pitched 58 straight innings during 1968 season without allowing a run.

Memories:  I remember this well, and everyone I knew was talking about and collecting Hershiser because of it!!!

Happy Anniversary Jerome Walton!!!

Happy Anniversary Jerome Walton!!!

What a year 1989 was for Jerome Walton.

Not only did he make his major league debut in 1989 with the Chicago Cubs, but he also won the NL Rookie of the Year award that year while also helping the team capture their division crown!

At 23 years old, Walton had the presence of a veteran at the plate.  And his skills shined brightest in that rookie campaign.  Led by a batting average of .293, Walton collected 139 for the Cubs.  He also stole 24 bases, scored 64 runs, and drove in 46 more.  And he did all of this while patrolling one of the toughest center-field positions in the majors!

Congratulations on a fabulous rookie season Jerome.  Today we celebrate you winning the NL Rookie of the Year award in 1989!!!

Happy Anniversary Frank Robinson!!!

Happy Anniversary Frank Robinson!!!

On this day in 1966, Frank Robinson was named as the 1966 AL Most Valuable Player.  And it was really not contest – Robinson was the Triple Crown winner as he led the American League is Batting Average, RBI, and Home Runs.

What made this award even more special is that Robinson became the first player to win the MVP in both leagues with this award in 1966.

You see, just 5 seasons prior, in 1961, he won the award with the Cincinnati Reds of the National League.

A truly dominant player – and one of the best!!

Happy Anniversary Mr. Robinson!!!