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Ernie Banks 2008 Upper Deck Heroes – Light Blue – 03/49

Ernie Banks 2008 Upper Deck Heroes – Light Blue – 03/49

Well, well, well….

It took more than 1 month, but I have finally nabbed another card in the rainbow that I am trying to complete from the 2008 Upper Deck Heroes set.

This card, the Light-Blue version, is serial numbered to 49 and is now my lowest numbered card in the set.

Check it out.  This is officially the 9th card that I have obtained in the set.

And now with this one out of the way just 2 cards stand in my way from completing the ‘Ernie Banks Rainbow’.

If I find them, they will be mine.  Mark my words!!!

Gaylord Perry 2008 SP Legendary Cuts ‘Legendary Memorabilia’ Game-Used Jersey Card

Gaylord Perry 2008 SP Legendary Cuts ‘Legendary Memorabilia’ Game-Used Jersey Card

Another superb pick-up from what is becoming one of my favorite relic card sets.

This one, featuring Hall of Famer Gaylord Perry, is serial numbered as 46/50.  The card showcases Perry from his days with the Seattle Mariners.

And that kind of had me thinking – what goes into the process of selecting the team that you choose for a player’s photo when issuing cards?   Getting the obvious out of the way, we know that current players will always be shown in their current uniforms.  But what about players from prior eras?  And in this case, Perry?  Perry suited up for 9 teams during his 22-season career, and just two were in Seattle.

Things that make you go Hmmmm…

Oh well, on to the bounty!!!

Andre Dawson 2010 Obak ‘Box Topper’ – Front & Back

Andre Dawson 2010 Obak ‘Box Topper’ – Front & Back

As I mentioned when I secured the base card of Andre Dawson from the 2010 Obak set – I don’t know much of anything about these cards.

What I do know is that TriStar apparently inserted oversized baseball cards called ‘Box Toppers’ into the tops of the boxes for this issue.

And since I am trying to increase my status of being an ‘Andre Dawson Super-Collector’, I wanted to add one of these to my collection.

Finding them on Ebay has been a bit rough, so after seeing two pass me by, I did what was needed to add one to my collection.

And now, I will show it off to you.  And since it is so impressive to look at, I will do something that I rarely do on ’30-YOC’ – show you both the front and back.

The front:

Pretty bland when it comes to design, the card is still a very nice presentation.  With just enough Blue in the frame of the card and the Obak logo, the card definitely let’s you know that Dawson is a Cub in this photo.

The note under Dawson’s name says: “First Franchise Player Elected To The Hall Of Fame”.  A bit confusing since Dawson is obviously wearing a Cubs jersey in the photo – the text next to Dawson’s name says “Florida” – a clear reference to him being the first Marlins player to be in the HOF.

The back:

The back is neat – it is on older photo of Joe Robbie Stadium, home of the Marlins.  That’s actually home until the 2011 season passes…

And there you have it – a 2010 Obak ‘Box Topper’

Ozzie Smith 1983 Fleer

Ozzie Smith 1983 Fleer

There is not really too much that can be said about this baseball card…

The most exciting thing about owning it is that I am now one step closer to completing my Ozzie Smith player collection.

Other than that – terrible card, terrible colors, poor photo quality.

Have a nice day.