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‘On The Road With psugator02′ – Palmer,Carter,Eckersley – November 17, 2010

‘On The Road With psugator02′ – Palmer,Carter,Eckersley – November 17, 2010

Wednesday, Nov. 17

Strike Out Autism
Nick and Johnnie’s restaurant
Palm Beach, Fla.
5:30-6:30 p.m.

I guess it all worked out but in hindsight I probably should’ve skipped this event. I walked up and five seconds later Jim Palmer and his family — wife and autistic child — unloaded their car. Palmer is all over South Florida and the last few times I’ve bumped into him he’s been a real jerk to me so I didn’t even bother him. His likely reply to my request for his graph would have been: 1) donate money to my charity OR 2) can’t you see I’m with my family. I could’ve paid the $60 to get into the event and I surely would’ve gotten him then, but I really didn’t want to do that. So I continued waiting for Carter and Eckersely. I knew Carter wouldn’t do it. He’d either want a donation to Palmer’s charity or his own and I wasn’t about to do that either. So I was placing my hopes on Eckersley. I had another graphing event to be at so my drop-dead time was 6:30. Surely enough Ecksersley approached me from the west with an event volunteer. I was the only grapher there and asked him politely if he would sign my baseball. The event volunteer shouted at me, “I think you need to make a donation to our charity.” Eckersley put out his arm and told the woman, “No, it’s OK.” He then did my ball, and I wasn’t about to ask for an inscription. As soon as he finished signing it I high-tailed it back to my car.

Kirby Puckett 2007 Upper Deck ‘Sweet Spot Classic’ Game-Used Jersey Card w/Stripe!!!

Kirby Puckett 2007 Upper Deck ‘Sweet Spot Classic’ Game-Used Jersey Card w/Stripe!!!

Oh, yeah!!!

This is my second Kirby Puckett game-used relic card and I couldn’t be any happier to add another piece to my collection featuring this baseball great!

One of my favorite players to watch while growing up, I have to say that of all of the guys that I never got to see play live, not seeing Puckett play live is my biggest regret.

Kirby’s style of play from his tenaciousness in the field to his dominance at the plate was so fun to watch.  Why?  Because he did it all, every step of the way, with a huge smile on his face!

An incredible addition to my collection!!!  YES!!!!

Tony Perez 1986 Donruss Diamond Kings

Tony Perez 1986 Donruss Diamond Kings

I have studied Tony Perez’s career enough to know that seeing a smile on his face during a baseball game was not an uncommon site.

Tony had an unquenchable love for the game, and it translated to the field often.

It’s just to bad that this portrait of a smiling Perez doesn’t quite capture it in the manner that this collector would like…  YUCK!

Happy Anniversary Andre Dawson!!!

On this day in 1987, Andre Dawson was awarded with the National League’s MVP award.

The headlines across baseball on that day had everything to do with Andre’s incredible year for a terrible team.  Dawson was the first and only player to capture this award while playing for a last place team.  Oh, what a year it was!!!

The 1987 season was magical for Andre.  In his debut season playing for the Cubs, Dawson took center stage on a star filled roster, and he quickly became the centerpiece of their offense as well a fan favorite.  His incredible numbers from that season include 178 hits, 90 runs scored, 49 home runs, 137 RBI, and a .568 slugging percentage.

In addition to winning the MVP award in ’87, Dawson also walked away with a Gold Glove award, a Silver Slugger trophy, and his first of five All-star appearances as a Cub.

Congratulations Mr. Dawson!!  I am so thankful that I got to enjoy watching this year-long sensational performance!!

Happy Birthday Gary Sheffield!!!

Gary Sheffield turns 42 years old today.

Wow, this really makes me feel old.  And he’s 7 years older than me…

I remember Sheffield when he broke into the big leagues.  His 1989 Topps card was a hot commodity and his very famous uncle helped build quite a bit of buzz about this young, talented shortstop.  Like many fans and collectors, I took the bait and bought into Sheffield.  Yet, with all of the attention and praise he got early on in his career, I don’t think many of us saw being a future member of the 500 home run club in his future.

I think that this is what is great about the game of baseball.  I cannot think of another major sport where you can see someone get better and better at parts of the game like they can in baseball.  Yes, basketball players can refine their shot to convert more opportunities.  But in baseball, the amount of skills that can be improved are never-ending.  From hitting for power, to pitch control, to fielding, it is very obvious when a player takes that next step and gets better at their job.

Anyways, back to Sheff.  Gary Sheffield will be a Hall of Famer when his career is over.  Being a World Series champion and a member of the 500 HR Club are just 2 of the big reasons that this will happen. 

Happy Birthday Sheff!!!