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Paul Molitor 1979 Topps

Paul Molitor 1979 Topps


After months and months of searching.  And months and months of finding nothing that met my requirements of good condition, I have landed a 1979 Topps card of Paul Molitor.

For those of you that collect vintage cards, you know that the ’79 Topps set has some major issues when it comes to card centering.  That’s why a really well-centered Ozzie Smith rookie is so hard to find – and when you do, the price tag is pretty hefty.

But, I can now say, and show off, the 1979 Topps Paul Molitor card in my collection.


‘On The Road With psugator02′ – Dolphins Ring Of Honor – November 17, 2010

‘On The Road With psugator02′ – Dolphins Ring Of Honor – November 17, 2010

Wednesday, Nov. 17

Induction of Jake Scott and Bill Stanfill
into the Miami Dolphins’ Ring of Honor
Westin Beach Resort
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
7:30-10 p.m.

Arrived just as the event was beginning. Had to wait in the hallway until its conclusion, which was OK considering I got to hear some good graphing stories from the locals. Oddly enough, a woman with a ticket to the $300 event started talking to me while on her way to the restroom. I guess she had lost her shoe inside the venue. I was nice to her and we spoke for probably five minutes. I’m not sure exactly but she may have been drunk. She went back into the venue to find her shoe. When she came out again, she said, “I have something to give you.” She reached into her bag and gave me a Dolphins’ pin (the kind you wear on your lapel). I really had no idea what the pin was for but I put it in my pocket anyway. After talking to another grapher we both realized that there were an inordinate amount of extra tickets in a box near the front entrance. I grabbed three (there must have been a thousand extra tickets and no one was around). A few minutes later someone who had been in the event tells me that to get in not only do you need a ticket but you also need a Dolphins’ lapel pin. Beautiful. I put the pin on and have the ticket in hand and enter the venue as the event is breaking up. I’m now legitimate. I somehow miss Larry Czonka — who was looping his graph into the personalization anyway — but am dumbfounded when I see elusive Super Bowl MVP Jake Scott and legendary coach Don Shula only a few feet from me. It was obvious Scott wasn’t going anywhere so I asked Shula — in VERY bad shape by the way — if he’ll sign my Dolphins’ throwback mini. He couldn’t have been more of a gentleman, inscribing his HOF year without being asked. The handler he was with when I saw him last year was nowhere to be found. I had to wait another 15 minutes for Scott to finish talking to a bunch of his former teammates, including cancer-stricken Jim Mandich, who, according to Bob Kuechenberg, “has a long road ahead of him.” As Scott walked out arm in arm with an attractive older woman I asked if he would mind signing my mini helmet. He did so gladly. I chose not to ask for the Super Bowl MVP inscription, hoping he would do it on his own. Of course, he didn’t LOL. Before he finished I also asked if he would mind signing the Ring of Honor ticket, which he also did (and it looks beautiful). I guess it was good that I had made small talk with him only a few minutes earlier. If you were wondering, he’s only been to one Florida-Georgia game — he’s a Georgia grad — and he lives on Kauai, the fourth largest of the Hawaiian islands.

Jake Scott: 1/1 (Dolphins’ throwback mini), 1/1 (Ring of Honor ticket)
Bob Kuechenberg: 1/1 (Dolphins’ throwback mini with Earl Morrall on the other side)
Earl Morrall: 1/1 (Dolphins’ throwback mini with Kuechenberg on the other side)….added a bunch of sick inscriptions….a friend witnessed Morrall make a hole-in-one at a local course that Morrall used to own. Of course I asked Morrall about the shot, which was a bit of a mistake because Morrall wouldn’t stop talking about it, almost causing me to miss both Shula and Scott.

2008 Upper Deck Heroes: Ernie Banks, Frank Robinson, & Mike Schmidt – Charcoal

2008 Upper Deck Heroes: Ernie Banks, Frank Robinson, & Mike Schmidt – Charcoal

Taking a small break from the serial numbered versions of these cards, I bring to you today the Charcoal, non-serial numbered parallel.

A bit dark in color, the card just doesn’t look too sharp with the boring, color-less logos that Upper Deck used on this one.  Had they used the Maroon of the Phillies’ logo with the Red,White, and Blue of the Cubs’ logo and the wonderful Black, White, and Orange of the Orioles’ logo, I think that each of them would pop perfectly off of their dark background.

This is now the 4th version of this card that I have added to my steadily growing collection…

1976 Topps Cincinnati Reds Team Set – Card #155 – Jack Billingham

1976 Topps Cincinnati Reds Team Set – Card #155 – Jack Billingham

Billingham enjoyed a nice 13-year career in the big leagues, 6 of which were with the Cincinnati Reds.

During his time with the Reds, Billingham complied a 87-63 record while starting in 190 contests.  He threw 45 complete games in that time, including 18 shutouts. 

Billingham won championships with the Reds in both 1975 and 1976.  In total, he competed in 4 World Series games, going 0-1. 

1980 Headline: “Nolan Ryan Becomes Baseball’s First Million Dollar Player”

1980 Headline: “Nolan Ryan Becomes Baseball’s First Million Dollar Player”

On this day in 1980, Nolan Ryan signed a 4-year, 4.5 million dollar contract with the Houston Astros.

Amazingly, this level of a contract did not go to a player that was going to suit up for 150+ games in a season.  It went to a pitcher that was going to appear in no more than 35 games a year.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Ryan!!!

Who would have thought that the contracts would multiply in value as quickly as they did following this signing…