Paul Molitor 1979 Topps

Paul Molitor 1979 Topps


After months and months of searching.  And months and months of finding nothing that met my requirements of good condition, I have landed a 1979 Topps card of Paul Molitor.

For those of you that collect vintage cards, you know that the ’79 Topps set has some major issues when it comes to card centering.  That’s why a really well-centered Ozzie Smith rookie is so hard to find – and when you do, the price tag is pretty hefty.

But, I can now say, and show off, the 1979 Topps Paul Molitor card in my collection.


2 responses to “Paul Molitor 1979 Topps

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  2. Nice pull! I brought down my set of cards tonight to show my 13 year old some of my old Star Wars cards. There was my ’79 Molitor, right under my ’79 Smith, right on top. And my Smith is WAY off center. I told my kid that it devalued the card, even though the rest of the card is in great shape. I will never get rid of my set – I still love going through it! Congrats on your find!

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