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Ozzie Smith 1995 Score

Ozzie Smith 1995 Score

This is kind of a fun card to look at.  And since the photographer and editor did a great job of leaving the source of Ozzie’s laughter out of the picture, I thought it would be only right for us to play another round of…

“Guess What Is Happening Here”

That’s right, we can all easily see that Ozzie Smith is having a good old time in the picture from his 1995 Score baseball card.

But, what is causing his giddiness??

Is it…

  1. Jose Oquendo singing ‘La Bamba’?
  2. Brian Jordan’s desire to play hockey too?
  3. Chris Sabo’s goggles?
  4. Joe Torre’s excessive gas?

You be the judge…

Wade Boggs 1986 Topps All-Star ‘Glossy’

Wade Boggs 1986 Topps All-Star ‘Glossy’

Wade Boggs made his second All-Star team during the 1986 baseball season.

Let’s get a better glimpse of what he did to earn that roster spot…

The numbers – .357 batting average, .453 on-base percentage, 207 hits, 47 doubles, 8 home runs, 107 runs scored, 71 RBI, and an amazingly low 44 strikeouts in 693 plate appearances.

Whoa!!!  You better believe that with numbers like that Boggs was deserving of that roster spot!!! 

Did You Know…

Luis Castillo hit .334 for the Florida Marlins in 2000 but managed to drive in just 17 runs.  Castillo hit only one home run and batted just .211 with runners in scoring position.  No other player with at least 500 at-bats has hit at least .300 and driven in fewer runs in a season.

*factoid courtesy of ‘Big League Trivia’

Happy Anniversary Rickey Henderson!!!

On this day in 1990, Rickey Henderson was award with the American League’s MVP award.

Rickey Henderson is the kind of player that can challenge for the MVP crown during each season that he plays.  His ability to separate himself from the rest of the league gave him constant respect from the voters.

It was no surprise that Rickey won the American League MVP award in 1990 – it’s just kind of surprising that it was his only one!!

In 1990, Henderson was the key that ignited the mighty Oakland A’s offense.  During that year, Rickey batted .325 and had an on-base percentage of .439.  He collected 159 hits, scored 119 runs, stole 65 bases ans smacked 28 home runs.  And in 594 plate appearances, Rickey struck out just 60 times.

Henderson’s 1990 campaign also included an All-star selection, a Silver Slugger award, and a trip to the World Series!!

Congratulations Rickey!!!

Baseball Card Show This Weekend!!!

Baseball Card Show This Weekend!!!

Oh, Yeah!!  Tomorrow is the third Saturday of the month.  And in the ’30-YOC’ household that means 1 thing – Baseball Card Show!!!

So, I’ll be taking my talents to…  Wait, I must have had LeBron on the brain for a minute…  🙂

But I will be headed over to the mall for an hour or so to check out what will undoubtedly be my last card show of 2010.  With so much going on in December between birthday, holidays, and school vacations, I think that my weekends are pretty much booked for the remainder of the year.

So, that means that I will have to shop, shop, shop twice as hard this time around.

I have a mental list of goodies that I am seeking – hopefully some of them cross my path with an affordable price tag on them.

And stay tuned, because on Monday I will continue the tradition of showing you each and every card that I pick up!

Have a great weekend everyone…