Baseball Card Show This Weekend!!!

Baseball Card Show This Weekend!!!

Oh, Yeah!!  Tomorrow is the third Saturday of the month.  And in the ’30-YOC’ household that means 1 thing – Baseball Card Show!!!

So, I’ll be taking my talents to…  Wait, I must have had LeBron on the brain for a minute…  🙂

But I will be headed over to the mall for an hour or so to check out what will undoubtedly be my last card show of 2010.  With so much going on in December between birthday, holidays, and school vacations, I think that my weekends are pretty much booked for the remainder of the year.

So, that means that I will have to shop, shop, shop twice as hard this time around.

I have a mental list of goodies that I am seeking – hopefully some of them cross my path with an affordable price tag on them.

And stay tuned, because on Monday I will continue the tradition of showing you each and every card that I pick up!

Have a great weekend everyone…

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