Ryan Braun Collection Up For Grabs!!!

Ryan Braun Collection Up For Grabs!!!

I decided a few weeks ago that collecting modern players was just not doing anything for me.

And while I enjoy watching him play the game, I have not only decided to stop collecting Ryan Braun’s baseball cards, but I am going to offer my collection up to you, the readers of ’30-Year Old Cardboard’.

In this group, I have rookie cards, serial numbered cards, and a great starter set of 34 cards.  This lot would make a great addition to anyone’s collection who also values this player’s skills.

What do I want in return?  Not much, I will leave it up to whoever offers me something.  I’m not picky – but I do love my vintage guys!!!

Here is a peek at the collection:

Leave a comment on this post if you’re interested!



3 responses to “Ryan Braun Collection Up For Grabs!!!

  1. I’d be up for a trade. Who do you collect? Let me look around the closet and I might come up with something. cynicalbuddha at hotmail dot com.

  2. Sorry Brian that was a dumb question. I just looked at your PC collection link. I don’t know about how much vintage I have laying around but I’ll look around anything else you might be interested in?

  3. I can’t complete any trades until after Thanksgiving, but here’s what I can remember I have off the top of my head. I’ve have to confirm later.

    Most of the Billy Williams
    Palmer’s 1970 #68
    Santo 66 and 72 in action
    Morgan 66 and 74 all star
    Perez after 1972
    Boggs Donruss and more recent cards
    Smith most recent cards

    The question is what do you feel is a fair trade and which cards do you want most.

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