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Rod Carew 2008 Upper Deck SP ‘Legendary Memorabilia’ Game-Used Jersey Card

Rod Carew 2008 Upper Deck SP ‘Legendary Memorabilia’ Game-Used Jersey Card

Rod Carew was such an outstanding baseball player – I still think that he doesn’t quite get the attention and respect he deserves when people talk about the greatest hitters of all-time.

Carew was a Rookie of the Year, a MVP, a 7-time batting champion, and an 18-time All-Star!

A truly incredible baseball player, and now I have a truly incredible looking game-used relic card of him…

Enjoy!!  I know I will….  🙂

Holy Boggs!!!

Holy Boggs!!!

I get cards offered to me all of the time.  And while my collection is somewhat limited to the small handful of guys that I collect, it is nice to see how many vintage collectors are out there.

And this time around, it was Adam, author of the blog ‘Thoughts And Sox’ that offered up some amazing goodies to me. 

In easily one of the largest and most generous packages I have received this year, Adam sent over a very large stack of a very special Red Sox player – Mr. Wade Boggs.

Check it out:

I told you it was a big stack.  And now here is a closer look at the goods:

Thanks Adam!!  You took quite a big chunk out of my Wade Boggs ‘Needs’ list!!!

‘On The Road With psugator02′ – Ronnie Brown – November 23, 2010

‘On The Road With psugator02′ – Ronnie Brown – November 23, 2010

opening of new AT&T Store
Coral Springs, Fla.
Tuesday, Nov. 23
5:51-6:55 p.m.

If this hadn’t been so close to my house I wouldn’t have gone. But drive two miles for Ronnie Brown? I think anyone would’ve done that. I finished this guy off a long time ago so this time I was able to get an item done for a member. Brown was supposed to start signing at 6 p.m. but of course he didn’t roll in until 6:35 p.m. And of course, he was laughing as he walked in. If this guy were good then maybe I would understand the tardiness. But he’s no longer good, and I hope the Dolphins let him go after this year. It’s a wonder anyone showed up to this thing at all. I arrived at 5:50 and there were 30 people in front of me. By the time Brown showed up there were also 30 people behind me.

This is probably the third free Brown signing I’ve attended this year and each time he’s done multiples. The people in charge of the opening of this new AT&T store were walking around barking commands. “Only one item. Only one item.” I didn’t stay but I’m sure Brown was easily able to get all 60 people in line and still have time left over. So there really was no reason for the 1-per. If you really wanted another all you had to do was get back in line.

Most of you already know my experience with Brown so I didn’t say much to him as I approached the table. “Hope you guys kick the sh** out of Alabama this weekend.” I’m a Dolphins’ fan so I will forever hate Nick Saban. Brown, an Auburn alum, laughed and then did my 8×10.

Ronnie Brown: 1/1

Tony Perez 1981 Topps

Tony Perez 1981 Topps

There he is – one of the coolest cats in the game!!!

Tony Perez had such a cool demeanor on the field.  It was like he was so comfortable, his teammates too, that he just went out there with no stress, no worries, and nothing to be bothered by…

I guess that winning will do that to a guy!!!

1976 Topps Cincinnati Reds Team Set – Card #24 – Cesar Geronimo

1976 Topps Cincinnati Reds Team Set – Card #24 – Cesar Geronimo

Cesar Geronimo player 15 seasons in the major leagues, spending 9 of them with the Reds. 

An excellent defender, and speedy base-runner, Geronimo used his speed to anchor center field for the Reds while also providing a great source of run production while on offense.

During his 9 seasons in Cincinnati, Geronimo scored 404 runs while also stealing 72 bases.  He also won four consecutive Gold Glove awards from 1974-1977.

Geronimo won two World Series championships as part of ‘The Big Red Machine’.