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A Very Special Ticket Stub!!!

A Very Special Ticket Stub!!!

The title of this post says it all.  And I have no intentions of drawing this out more than that…

I have secured a ticket stub from the baseball game between the Chicago Cubs and New York Mets held on April 23, 1989.  The game was played at Shea Stadium, and it was a historic game for this fan and collector.

No, I was not there…

But if I was, I would have witnessed Andre Dawson’s 300th career home run.  

Yes, that’s right, this ticket stub is from the game where ‘The Hawk’ belted the 300th home run of his Hall of Fame career!!

Here it is:

The blast came in the top of the 7th inning off of Mets’ pitcher Ron Darling.  And while the Cubs lost the game 4-2, they were on their way to a division title that season.

You know, as I get more and more involved with my collecting of Andre Dawson baseball cards and memorabilia, it is finding a gem like this that makes losing out on tons of auctions so much easier to handle.

I am thrilled to add this piece of Andre Dawson history to my collection!!!

Fergie Jenkins 2005 Upper Deck SP ‘Lasting Legends’ Game-Used Jersey Card

Fergie Jenkins 2005 Upper Deck SP ‘Lasting Legends’ Game-Used Jersey Card

Quite possibly my favorite set of relic cards, I cannot say enough about how much I enjoy this brand and issue.

The cards themselves capture each one of these legendary players in a perfect way.  And the bold colors that Upper Deck utilizes works perfectly with the muted tones in the background.

And that Bronze lettering and frame surrounding the jersey just tops it all off!!

Come see:

I told ya, I told ya!!  Pure Fergie Jenkins Perfection!!!

Joe Morgan 1983 Donruss

Joe Morgan 1983 Donruss

Hey, welcome back to ’30-YOC’!!!

Today, we’re going to play everyone’s favorite game – ‘How Close Was The Photographer?’

That’s right, simply lock in your answer as we guess how far away from Mr. Morgan the photographer was when he took this picture.

Your choices:

  1. 18 inches
  2. 3 feet
  3. 10 feet
  4. 20 feet

Good Luck to you all!!!

Jeez, now this is a CLOSE-UP!!!!