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Ozzie Smith 1988 Topps All-Star

Ozzie Smith 1988 Topps All-Star

Ozzie Smith was an All-Star 15 times during his major league career.

And here are just some of the reasons that he was awarded with a roster spot on the National League’s team in 1998…

The numbers: 155 hits, 80 runs scored, 57 stolen bases, 51 RBI, 27 doubles, and 3 home runs!!

Atta Boy, Ozzie!!!

1989 Topps Record Breakers – Card #7 – Kevin McReynolds

1989 Topps Record Breakers – Card #7 – Kevin McReynolds

Headline – Kevin Steals 21 Without Being Caught!

The Story – St. Louis, MO.  October 2, 1988:  Mets’ Kevin McReynolds has set a major league record of 21 stolen bases with no caught stealing in 1988.  The former mark of 15 steals in as many tries was established by A’s Jimmy Sexton during 1982 campaign.

1976 Headline: Reggie Jackson Is Coming To The Bronx!!!

1976 Headline: Reggie Jackson Is Coming To The Bronx!!!

On this day in 1976, Reggie Jackson signed a free agent contract with the New York Yankees.

I only wish that I could have been around to witness this as I am sure that the city of New York and Yankees fans across the country were celebrating this incredible occasion.

By this time in his career, Reggie had established himself as a power hitting slugger that was able to dominate the game offensively.  His knack for driving in runs in timely situations earned him a lot of respect from fans, foes, and teammates.

But with this signing, I am not sure that anyone knew what was to come!!!

How about 144 home runs, 461 RBI, a .281 batting average, 380 runs scored, 5 All-star appearances, and 2 World Series championships!!!

I’d say that the Yankees got a bargain.  Agreed???

Happy Birthday Mariano Rivera!!!

Mariano Rivera turns 41-years old today!!

Quite possibly the greatest closer of all-time, and certainly the best closer in post season history, Rivera has many reasons to celebrate today!!

Among them would be that he is one of the most highly regarded relief pitchers in World Series history.  His efforts during the post season have helped the new York Yankees nab 5 World Series titles during his reign as the team’s closer.

As we all prepare for the 2011 season, one has to wonder how much longer ‘Mo’ will want to play.  A few more years?  1 more year?  Who knows…  What I do know and get reminded of consistently is that the role of a closer is only valuable to a club when the player is able to dominate each and every situation he faces.  And that is what makes Mariano Rivera a solid and key contributor to his team’s victories.

Happy Birthday Mr. Rivera!!!  600 saves is right around the corner…

Paul Molitor ‘Fab 5′ – Card #5 – 1989 Donruss

Paul Molitor ‘Fab 5’ – Card #5 – 1989 Donruss

You know that song ‘Freeze Frame’?  Yeah the one that they often play at ball games when they show people in the stands on the video screens…  You know the one….

Anyway, when I see a card that perfectly captures a player in action like this 1989 Donruss card of Paul Molitor I want to shout ‘Freeze Frame’.

I don’t know why – maybe because the action taking place in the picture on this card is perfectly frozen, but the words ‘Freeze Frame’ just seem to do a great picture like this one justice.

Not blurry, solid lines, and sharp color are all quality elements to this baseball card’s design.