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‘On The Road With psugator02′ – Ricky Williams – December 1, 2010

‘On The Road With psugator02′ – Ricky Williams – December 1, 2010

Nova Southeastern
Davie, Fla.
Wednesday, December 1
4:15-4:45 p.m.

I started reading twitter recently and saw that Ricky Williams conducts weekly meditation sessions near me. His last meditation-related tweet was in October so I knew I might get hit with a big goose egg. But I had nothing else going on and it was an easy drive so I figured I’d give it a shot. I wasn’t quite sure where to wait for him. Numbered spaces were to the north and a public parking garage to the west. I decided to stand halfway between both.

It wasn’t long before the negativity crept in. The room on the tweet was wrong, and I wasn’t even sure if the sessions were still being conducted. Just as I was about to give up Ricky exits the parking garage in front of me and walks toward the building where he would be conducting the session. Maybe Ricky always walks briskly while at the same time looking for graphers or maybe he was acting that way because he saw me standing on the corner with my 11 and a camera, I’m not sure. I followed him into the building but he was walking so fast that I thought he had eluded me. I looked to the left where the elevators were located and there he was.

Me: Hey, Ricky. Are you still leading meditation sessions?
Ricky: Yes
Me: Is it free to meditate with you or does it cost money?
Ricky: It’s free
Me: Well before you get started would you mind signing an autograph?
Ricky: I don’t sign autographs

I’ve gotten Ricky before, each time in a very pubic setting. A radio show. A free signing at an AT&T store. Never before have I attempted to graph him in a 1-on-1 situation when he wasn’t at an event as a Miami Dolphin. Why wouldn’t he sign? I have two guesses. Either he doesn’t like being recognized as “Ricky” when he’s “Mr. Meditator” or he thinks I stalked him. I do know this: if you’re a celebrity and you don’t want people literally following you around, then maybe you shouldn’t be so open in your tweets. He’s doing another event next week, and this time he’ll be representing the Miami Dolphins, so I shouldn’t have trouble getting the one item I have left done.

Ricky Williams: 0/1


Bob Gibson 2001 Topps Archives

Bob Gibson 2001 Topps Archives

During a recent splurge with www.sportlots.com I went for a bunch of my baseball heroes on modern issue cards.  The results are some great additions to my collection.

And of them, this 2001 Topps Archives card of Bob Gibson is one of my favorites.

A replica of the 1975 Topps design, I love how bright and vibrant this baseball card is.  Screaming St. Louis Cardinals, the Red and Yellow of this card looks outstanding in person.

Oh, and those sideburns look fantastic!!!

1976 Topps Cincinnati Reds Teams Set – Card #444 – Gary Nolan

1976 Topps Cincinnati Reds Teams Set – Card #444 – Gary Nolan

Gary Nolan’s big league career lasted 10 seasons, 9 1/2 of which were spent in Cincinnati.

A starting pitcher, Nolan made 242 starts for the Reds.  His career record in Cincy is 110-67, good for a 61.1 win percentage.  He amassed a lifetime ERA of 3.08 and collected 1,035 strikeouts.

Nolan played in 4 World Series match-ups with the Reds, winning two titles in 1975 & 1976.  In World Series play, Nolan started 7 games, winding up with a record of 1-2.  He compiled an ERA of 4.96 in those 7 games while allowing 30 hit s and 18 runs.

Wade Boggs 1987 Topps

Wade Boggs 1987 Topps

Classic baseball card design + Classic baseball player = Very happy collector!!

This card is a very nice and welcomed addition to my Wade Boggs collection!  YES!!!

Paul Molitor ‘Fab 5′ – Card #2 – 1980 Topps

Paul Molitor ‘Fab 5′ – Card #2 – 1980 Topps

The 1980 Topps set is so simple in design – it’s kind of a classic.  And that’s why this 1980 Topps card of Paul Molitor lands in the #2 spot in my ‘Fab 5’.

Brimming with a team-themed-color-scheme, the Yellow and Purple banners used by Topps in moth the upper-left and lower-right corners of the card are perfect compliments to a great photo of a young Molitor at the plate.

And for me, the icing on the cake with this card is that wonderful old-school Brewers batting helmet that the Hall of Famer is proudly wearing!!